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Kids Dropping Out of School to Work

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Abstract Teenagers all around the world have found it extremely difficult to stay in school for various reasons. It's clear that if you don't get the proper education then you won't be able to do anything good in your life. It's very difficult to obtain a Job due to the demands for work; most Jobs require you to have a high school diploma or GEED equivalent. Other Job that doesn't require having the education, which is encourages children to drop out of school under the impression they are never going to have get a proper education.

The ignorance of today's society believing they are going to become the next Snooty dumb as a doorknob with no education. Unfortunately young people who fail to earn a high school diploma face a hard dilemma later on in life than those who graduate with a high school diploma. For those who drop out are more likely to be unemployed, have poor health, live in poverty, and become dependent on public assistance or never live up to their own dreams of success. Young adolescence tend not to realize that school can actually take you far, and can open many opportunities to a good career.

In this economy it as been difficult the last couple of years, people who have good paying Jobs are getting fired. Dropping out of school is Just going to hurt you in the future no employer can guarantee you a good paying Job forever. Nationwide, about seven thousand students drop out every school day. By dropping out, these individuals diminish their chances to secure a good Job and a promising future. Overall, far too many students are not graduating on time with a regular diploma; low-income and students of color fare the worst in the dropout epidemic high school dropouts in America.

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Each year, approximately 1. Million students fail to graduate from high school; more than half are students of African descent. The graduation rate among students back is as much as twenty-five percentage points below their white peer's high School Dropouts in America. A student within the age range of sixteen to twenty- four years old who comes from the lowest family income is about seven times more likely to have dropped out of high school than his/her counterpart who comes from the highest income.

National Graduation Rate for Class of 2007 was seventy seven percent white, fifty four percent African American, fifty six percent Hipic, eighty nee percent Asian American. In 1970, the US has the world's highest rate of high school and college graduation according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Every twenty nine seconds, another student gives up on school, more than one million American dropouts a year- or seven thousand every likely to drop out of school than are children from middle-income families, and 10. Times more likely than students from high-income families (Background on High School Dropouts). Students who have disabilities are also more likely to drop out. The National Transition Study estimates that as many as 36. 4% of disabled youth drop out of school before completing a diploma or certificate (Background on High School Dropouts). Eighty two percent of all Jail inmates are recorded as high school drop outs. The students who do drop out and have children at a young age are also likely to be on welfare.

Women who have children at young ages and drop out of high school have a higher rate of going on public assistance, rather graduating high school. The government provides public assistance to high school drop outs that do not go to college. Africans American and Hipics are at greater risk of dropping out than whites, while Asian Americans and white students are lease likely to drop out of school. Most parent's want what is best for their child, and do whatever they can to help them stay in school.

It's understandably that when you have a kid while in high school you have to stop thinking about yourself and become a parent and think about your kid. But when kids are dropping out of school to be a part of a gang, or because school doesn't interest them then that's where the bigger issues begin. Some parent's even encourage their kids to leave school so they can help out around the house, which seems selfish because they are the ones who choose to have kids.

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