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Justified wage for a worker

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Justified wage for a worker refers to the wage level that considers a worker in a need based criterion. It is the wage that can cater for daily needs not only for the worker but also for the family. On the other hand, minimum wage refers to the wage level that is legalized in any countries authority to act as the minimum possible pay per worker per day. Minimum wage depends on the countries labor market management and is said to reflect the cost of living of that state. Minimum wage prevents exploitation, help worker attain minimum standards of living and also attach social attachment to employment (Dorothy, 1999).

In U. S. , minimum wage levels are determined by federal minimum wage laws. However jobs of low incomes are subject to low minimum wages. Some states in U. S. have their wage above the governments due to inflation indexation and increased cost of living. Comparing America to Australia, the federal minimum wage in America is very little. In Australia, workers earn $13. 5 per hour, whereas in America, only $10 is earned. Minimum wage level depends on the kind of industry, ones profession and the trade concerned.

In Australia, minimum wage for the above groups is agreed upon by employers and unions at the level of the federal system. In both countries it is believed that wage legislation comes in as ethical and justice issue, thus avoiding exploitation and empowering the worker financially (Mark, 2007). Comparatively, minimum wage levels are brought about by the level of economic growth of a country, level of labor law liberalization, level of expertise in that country and the level of democracy bestowed on workers union.

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Therefore, justified wage can be the wage level that reflects the level of economy, profession and level of needs of the worker (Titus, 2005).


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