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Junior College Baseball

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Growing up as a kid it is easy to say that it is almost every little boys dream to one day become a professional baseball player. They wake up and go out to play in there practices and games trying to be like one of the greats. Ad kids get older there are some that fade away from the dream and some that still live by the dream and try there hardest to get to that ultimate goal. When you get to high school there will not be that many kids playing baseball and school is very tough. there are athletes that are also very smart and do well in class and others that just aren't as good in the classroom. he ones that do good in the classroom even though they may not be better at a sport get to play anywhere they want in a nation and there are many good players that are left to play junior college baseball. junior college has always been a stepping stone to get to a big university and if you are an athlete one step closer to the ultimate goal. If the state of California takes away sports and privileges it will make less students want to go there, more kids with crushed dreams and could lead to more kids on the street and more poverty even.

Junior college sports can be a lead or a big leap in a student athletes life to becoming a professional at there sport. Moorpark college has gone upon themselves to take away the fall league for baseball. being that the fall league takes it to the first issue in which kids dreams will be crushed and opportunities will be lost. In her March 12, 2010 blog,Erica Perez stated. ""We tried to build a program that was providing lots of opportunities for students to compete at the Division I level. Unfortunately, there will be fewer opportunities in the future. There is a good chance that there will be ball players thats dreams get crushed just because of this slight change in the program. If a player can not play in the fall it is merely impossible for them to get seen by college coaches mostly but also professional scouts. During the season all of the college coaches have their own season to focus on therefore they use the fall as a time to go out and watch the prospects compete. The reason behind the problem is that there was a lawsuit against Moorpark College for a head injury that occurred during a baseball game.

Although it is very upsetting that a player was injured I do not believe that is is right to take away all of those privileges simply because someone got hurt. It may sound selfish, however, the reality is that they player and the family know that there is a chance of injury and put themselves out there and risk it just as all other players do. In an interview with coach Terry Mcmaster he said " When there is no baseball in the fall it takes away great opportunities for guys to get scholarships and drafted to play pro ball. In the whole situation it makes no sense that they cut all the games because it is doing nothing but hurting the school. Most athletes that are at junior college are there because they didn't get high enough grades out of high school to compete in sports or just get into the school. If the fall program is gone and kids can not get to the next level it will just increase the amount of kids that do not graduate with a degree and thus are more likely to end up in poverty searching for a job "Budget Cuts May Cost UC Davis up to Nine Sports Teams | California Watch. " California Watch | Bold New Journalism. 2010. Web. 26 Oct. 2010. .

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