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Baseball and Football share some qualities, but they also contrast each other in many ways. Baseball requires you to have skill, knowledge, and think on the spot, however Football requires you to be fierce and get ready for the next down or else. Baseball you have to throw, hit, catch, and run around the bases till you get to homMr. Crabtree e plate, and get a run. while, in Football you have to throw or handoff, put trick plays in the offense, run, tackle maybe even a big hit so that person goes to the hospital, and go 100 yards down field to get a touchdown, to get 6 points.

Some people think of Baseball as “OH Yeah, lets go run, and catch balls. Oh wait and also hit them. ”, well no in baseball you have to keep practicing just like any other sport to overcome your opponents, and train to become better, than the person in front of you. Baseball is the sport that you need to know the scenario that is occurring, and what is your next move. You need to understand your game plan find a approach towards trying to hit the baseball.

Baseball would require you to understand the sport which is quite simple. Football is the sport that you need to know the game plan, the next play the will get your opponent so that you can gain more yards or get a touchdown. In Football you need tremendous strength to be able to overcome your opponent , or just simply get in there heads. Each Football has their strengths to be able to overcome their opponents either strength, speed, or a game plan it could possibly be that a team as all of these qualities.

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Football gives you the attitude that you have to be mentally tough and be able to destroy someone when you tackle them. Football has the reputation of having to be ruthless and tough. On the contrary, Baseball gives you the attitude that you have to mentally tough and be able to have a plan of how you will overcome your opponent. Baseball has a reputation of America’s old time sport that you can enjoy which is more pleasurable, than getting tackled every play jeopardizing your body. Baseball and Football contrast each other more than the compare to each other.

Football is more horrendous, while baseball pleasant so you can enjoy the game instead of watching your back at all time. In both of the sports you need skill, strength, speed, and mentally tough. In both of these sports they push you to your limits an arise different types of competition towards others and or teams the you want to compete with. In Baseball you can become very quick because there isn't much pressure on you, but in football the pressure is shared through the whole team to to work together or else nothing will work.

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