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Teacher and National Junior Honor

I’m excited to be invited to be a member of National Junior Honor Society (NUNS).And it is a great opportunity for me.As a pre-member of NUNS, I have demonstrated three qualities, which are willingness to serve others, leadership, and character.

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These three qualities describe the very essence of my being. I’m from Burma which now they call Manner. And went to Malaysia to come to United States because Burma is in war. Live at Malaysia for about 4 years. Learned lots of English at Malaysia. After staying at Malaysia for about 4 years, I came to U.

S. I’ve been at United States for 7 months. First thing that would like to talk is willingness to serve others. Like to help others; help my mom around the house all the times and because she don’t know much English I translate for her. And at school help my friends those who need help; I help them with what I know. Next, I demonstrated leadership. At school when the teachers group she/he always choose me as a roof leader because he/she think I will be a good leader, and to experience leadership.

I help my group member when they don’t know, tell them what to do, make sure the work is done, to participate, and tell them to respect teacher like to keep quiet and follow teacher’s instruction. Last, want to talk about is character. Respect my teacher because they are the one that teach me, and my parents because they raise me until now. When they ask me to do something, do it. They have taught me to be inerrable.

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