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My Personal Growth Starting in Junior Year of High School

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I think many students stress a great amount regarding the supplement section of a college application. I personally believe the essay(s) you construct for college should be viewed as an opportunity to discuss what is on your mind in a mannerly level. which should not be too onerous. It is as though you are just transferring your thoughts into a piece of work, but with precise use of grammar and vocabulary. In my opinion, submitting an essay on the topic of your choice is quite intriguing and it is something I have anticipated to complete for the past year. I chose this prompt for the reason that I want to focus on how much I have grown as a person in the last couple of years, more specifically the time of high school. For a majority of my life. I was not aware of what was happening around me. Unknowledgeable decisions were made in the past, some I do not regret because those choices made me who I am today. Junior year of high school was a crucial turning point in my life.

There was a lot transpiring at the time as I was multitasking in my mind. I let issues devastate my mood, bring me down, and become quiet every other day in school. My unintelligent decision making can date back all the way back to when I did not apply for an honors middle school program because of a girl I had liked. Looking back at it, that decision I made was by far one of the worst. I sacrificed the opportunity of upgrading my education by being blindsided by a person who did not even care for me. Why would I even do such a thing? Up until the eleventh grade, I was still ignorant regarding what was occurring in my mind. I was confused, but I decided I had enough. I looked back to all of the poor decisions I had made in the past. the pains I was currently experiencing, and I broke free. My mind had expanded significantly duringjunior year.

I started to sense what was circumventing me and began to try to work everything out. For the past years or so I staned to talk to myself, in an effort to create pros and cons with the problems I was enduring. I do not mean talking as in having a conversation. but more as if I was brainstorming and letting information out in the form of speaking. I must say, that helped out quite a bit as it made it easier for what I wanted to achieve. I began to start embarking on thinking before I speak and the actions I made I started talking less to people, for the better, just so I can focus on what is taking place in my thoughts. One factor I can give credit to my growth as a person goes to music. The art of music makes me unique in my own way and plays an essential role in my life. As years passed, I was introduced to new artists who gave a whole new outlook on many subjects. The productions and melodies all inspired and made me change the way I perceived myself and the dilemmas surrounding me.

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These vocals and instruments support any emotions that I go through, whether I am frustrated, cheerful, or irritated, Rodeo by Travis Scott is an album that unlocked my true potential that I had been waiting so long for. I cannot thank my favorite musicians enough for composing such beautiful projects that remarkably assisted me, The growth of my mind made me realize how much I want to accomplish in the future. Who am I? A curious and visionary person who strives to succeed in life. I am appreciative for what I have at the moment, more than people may think, and am aware that my problems are not as serious as other people’s troubles in the world, but I have been the underdog for too long, My sense of development within the past year has changed how I think forever: While I am alive, I feel like my destiny in life is to do something extraordinary. This vision has been circulating me for some time and I eagerly await to complete it.

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