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Exploratory Essay Being in college is a great opportunity to study the major everyone has always dreamed of. I am sure that not everyone that is in college at the moment knows exactly what direction to go with their specific major. By doing some research on my major I plan to gain some knowledge of what type of job opportunities my accounting major can offer me. At this moment I do not know exactly what different jobs I can pursue with my major. I am also sure that there are a several jobs that can deal with accounting that I will learn about.

As I started my research on my major I came to one job title that every person with accounting experience start off with to make a way onto higher positions. This job title is called an accounting clerk. An accounting clerk usually deals with activities like preparing for basic management and ledger maintenance. One essential and basic duty they have to do is assume much responsibility to perform assigned accounting and related clerical support functions. This is where they maintain files, type a variety of reports or documents, print account payable checks and insert checks to mail daily, and prepare worksheets to the general ledger system.

A second duty they maintain is resolving accounting or documentation problems by tracking and investigating these problems (Accounting Clerk 1). A third is establishing coordination with the company’s personal and effective communication. This duty deals with assisting and maintaining contact with any other departments to convey any transactions, keep the management informed about any problems or area activities, and involving themselves in any meetings (Accounting Clerk 1-2). A last duty they are responsible for is ensuring the place in which they work is maintained secure and complete any special projects assigned (Accounting Clerk 2).

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An accountant clerk has many responsibilities they have to take care of at all times. This Google PDF document informed me about the certain responsibilities an accountant clerk has to achieve to maintain this certain position. It showed me the great significance it can play in my life if I chose to go into this position and the things I would have to over go. For example, I can hold the responsibility of maintaining and over looking documents for a company or even finding any issues with any of the documents.

It also informed me that becoming an accounting clerk can be a great first step to start off with, so that sooner or later I would be able to pursue bigger and greater things. Starting with this job title could better prepare me for any future positions I would like to get into. Being an accounting clerk sure is one good job title that I would keep in mind, but there are also a couple more that have caught my interest. A second job title that can be a possibility for me to look into that can as well deal with a great amount of responsibilities is bookkeeping.

Bookkeepers are responsible for taking many records of the transactions for a company’s business. They must also be able to maintain the records within a certain computer program or given ledger. The type of records bookkeepers need to maintain can include those which calculate accounts payable and receivable, expenditures, receipts, and profit and loss (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Bookkeepers have a lot of tasks they have to do so having a wide range of skills will be the only way they would be able to handle this type of job.

A bookkeeper may choose to work for a small business or a large company. Either job they choose to work for requires some sort of the same tasks, but if they liked to work for a large company they would have to have much more experience with the task bookkeepers encounter (Bureau of Labor Statistics). If they do not have the great amount of experience than working for a large business would not be a good fit for them and working for a small business would be a much more comfortable start for them.

This bookkeeping job deals with a lot double tasking skills that can be complicated to master. The Bureau of Labor Statistics website has gained me a little knowledge about bookkeeping and what it consist of. From this website I took an understanding that a bookkeeper needs to feel comfortable working with a computer at all times because it is one main source they work with. They also have many responsibilities to take into account and in order to accomplish them they have to have the right amount of experience to be successful in this job.

Knowing that they work a lot with computers was one main thing that I like about this job. To calculate, put in records and type out data has caught a little of my interest because having experience with computers is something I can perform well with. A last job title that I looked into that caught my attention was a tax specialist. A tax specialist is the person who fills out tax return forms for many clients. Their ultimate goal is to reduce their client’s tax debt by including any possible deductions.

They have to conduct many interviews with each client in order to get important personal and financial information. Their duty does not only limit to reporting on tax returns, but they could also have the responsibility of informing their company of any expenditure that has any association with the business transactions (Solis). Tax specialist can also have the option to work year round or only during the season of taxes. To work year round they would have to be working with a business and to work during the season they can do it to earn themselves extra money.

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