Darryl Hunt Death Penalty

Last Updated: 10 Mar 2020
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My view upon death penalty before watching the video about Darryl hunt’s case, was strongly against it. I truly believe that we have no say in who is to take someone’s life. Who are we to decide who lives or dies? There is no standard that we can place on someone’s life, to determine their existence in this world. Life is a precious gift, no matter how cruel the crime may be that the person being accused of committing the crime. I strongly believe that incarceration for the reminder of their life is in my view, the most extreme decision as a society to make in determining an individuals future.

After reviewing the Darryl Hunt Case, I strongly believe that the justice system went wrong when it came to Darryl Hunt’s Case. From the start, the justice system faltered in backing up the meaning of “all men are created equal. ” Darryl Hunt was tried as a “Black Man” with an all white jury. He was not looked upon as a man that stood before the jury who was being accused of a crime that he pleads his innocence. He was judged as a black man that must be a criminal because of his ethnicity and his innocence that he pleaded was nothing but a lie to their ears.

He was judged solely on the color of his skin, racism took over the minds of they juries an the charges they found him guilty on. It was honestly all down hill from the start. Multiple denies on appeals that Darryl filed, even after DNA diagnostics had proven that Darryl Hunt did not committee the crime that he was being held accountable for, The justice system turned away an failed to even allow the thought that this man is innocent and should be free even cross their mind. After the Man finally was caught who confessed to the crime that Darryl hunt was being accused of, Darryl was released to freedom, hat should have been given back to him from the beginning of the racial, judgmental, ignorant minded individuals who took part in taking away 20 years of this innocent mans life. I feel the death penalty should be abolished. As a Society, we are constantly changing, and re-defining the right an wrongs that we hold ourselves too. Who are we to take a life from someone, no matter the crime. Believing that playing “God” can be justified by society, is just as ignorant as having hope in the justice system will be perfect one day.

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