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My husband was a pilot In the Alarm Force ? o handsomely Both of my parents died when they were fairly young. My mother at 56 and my father at 42. They were both ill. I had my first daughter when I was 28 and my second daughter when I was 31 . I started working at the Flamingo Hotel right out of high school as a front desk clerk. After I got married when I was 20, I became a stay at home mother and am currently living off of alimony checks and social security. Q: Did you go back to work after your daughters left home (Initially)? A: No, he left in 2007 right when the economy was crashing and it was Impossible to find a Job.

Q: What are the most memorable experiences that you have had? A: The most memorable experiences that I have had are all good ones. My marriage Is one and the birth of my children. Q: What would you say were most stressful life's events? A: The death of my parents was very stressful for me. They were all the way in Pennsylvania and traveling across country for the funeral was hard - emotionally and financially. The separation from my husband was especially stressful; I thought I was going to have to file for bankruptcy and foreclose on the house. Q: If you had the opportunity to change anything would you and what would that be?

A: Of course I would change the passing of my family members besides that It would be my spending habits when I was young. Maybe then, I would have more In my savings. I try not to live In a world of what-It's. No regrets my husband always said. A: Housework, of course; golf, swimming, I Jog three times a week on the treadmill I have in the garage. Q: What types of activities do you do to stay social? A: My daughter taught me how to do social media. I go to the country club with the girls every Sunday for a game of golf and a swim when it's really hot.

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I also do bingo on Friday nights at one of the Station Casinos. Q: Can you tell me about your medical history? Have you had any major falls, bruises or scrapes? A: I do have a slightly high cholesterol but I'm working on lowering that through diet and exercise. Fortunately, I never had cancer or diabetes and let's hope I never do. Q: Are you religious? A: Yes, I don't go to church as much as I used to, but I am still a woman of faith. When my parents passed, it really made me think about the whole scheme of things. Some people allow death to make them feel powerless, but not me.

I took it as an excuse to really start living and now I take care of myself better than I did when I was young. It's never too late! Part II: Interview With a Senior Citizen I interviewed my parent's neighbor, a 67 year old woman named Shirley. I met Shirley when I was helping my parents move back into their Lass Vegas home. The experience was very humbling and amazing. Shirley home smelled of cookies and backing bread, the home had a mix of traditional and modern furniture and had a lot of her children's photos on the wall and on tables.

Her daughter, who still lives with her, was in the kitchen baking. Before taking a seat, Shirley looks out the front window, commenting about the neighbors newest vehicle; apparently they have had many which has not gone unnoticed by Shirley. I started by taking out my phone to use as a recording device. After closing the curtain halfway, Shirley sat down, ready to start and so was l. I started with the basic topics that were listed on the worksheet and asked some questions of my own. I noticed Shirley had a smile on her face every time she spoke of her childhood and her daughter.

She responded to all my questions in a positive manner, which made me think she may have been trying to play everything up, but towards the end of the interview, I was able to see that although she had During the interview, when speaking about the deaths of some of her family members, she became a little emotional. When I asked her how she feels about the deaths of her loved now, she responded by saying that while she has come to terms with their passing, she knows that she isn't completely powerless when it comes to every day, pushing her to be healthy so she can stick around longer for her daughter.

Shirley expressed that the other events that played a major role in her life are the birth of her daughter and her divorce. I gathered that she was a family oriented person and that the separation with her husband was tough on her. Her adult daughter living at home with her and her membership at a local country club seems to help her stay generative (Berger, 2011). Shirley expressed that living with her daughter keeps her young. Shirley recreational and social activities include golfing, puzzles (crossword and Jigsaw), computer games, bingo, and social media.

By engaging in mental exercises and active conversation, Shirley will be able to help sustain cognitive function (Berger, 2011). In my assessment of Shirley, she seemed to be a healthy aging adult. When I first met Shirley, I would have guessed that she was a woman in her late fifties, as opposed to ere biological age of 67. When I asked her questions about her physical activities, I found that most of her exercise was in the form of a thirty minute Jog on a treadmill, which she has in the garage, three times a week.

Shirley also expressed that she visits the country club where she golf with friends and swims on occasion. She has not had any major falls, bruises or scrapes, she was very level and by playing golf it can be assumed that she still had good eye sight and accuracy for the ball. Shirley stated that she only drank wine on occasion and did not smoke, but behind ere in the kitchen her daughter shook her head and rolled her eyes, pointing to the two empty wine bottles still in the trash can implying her mother may have been under exaggerating her alcohol intake.

Shirley is a woman of average height and weight, Just a little weight around the stomach. When I inquired about her medical history, she said that she has been fortunate enough that she has not been diagnosed with anything major, such as cancer or diabetes, but she did state that she had a slightly high cholesterol and is working to reduce that by being more active and eating well. She seemed to be in overall great health besides her alcohol intake.

Shirley had great optimism about the future and her kids and about someday being a grandmother. Shirley is in overall good health. She goes on social media, plays golf and bingo to fulfill her social needs. She maintains a good exercise routine and exercises her mind with puzzles. The most valuable information that I received form this interview is to stay active, social, and to take care of my health.

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