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Informative: Basketball and Perfect Jump Shot

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pecific purpose: My specific purpose is to inform the audience on “How to shoot the perfect Jump Shot” in the sport of basketball. I will inform the audience on the correct shooting techniques, basketball shooting mechanics, basketball shooting form and drills to improve your shooting techniques. Thesis: By following and practicing these proper shooting techniques it will improve the amount of baskets you will make. Introduction: 1. Attention getter- interacts with audience (have a couple audience members catch and throw basketball in their idea of correct shooting form).

Then proceed to tell them they are all wrong and will not make it far in the basketball career lol (: (joke). 2. Relevance- not only is this to help improve basketball skills this will help with any fitness you desire to participate in if you do not participate in a sport or specifically basketball. It will help with correct form with weight lifting as you bench dumbbell or even squats, even in other sports. So overall you can take a little bit of something specific and it can contribute to everyday life which is pretty interesting. . Establishment of ethos- I have been in athletics all my life and participated in the sports of basketball and track and field. From middle school, high school and even college I been performing this skill over the years in high intensity to try and perfect the perfect jump shot.

As I am now pursing to be a well known Personal Trainer it will be great to express and inform such an audience on my knowledge of the perfect jump shot. 4. Thesis- By following and practicing these proper shooting techniques it will improve the amount of askets you will make. 5. Preview- During this presentation I will inform you how to shoot the perfect jump shot by giving you plenty of techniques including shooting mechanics, shooting form and fun drills you can practice to improve this technique. Transition: First I will discuss the basketball shooting technique if you don’t exactly know what that is; it is also known as the correct way to shoot a basketball. Body: 1. Not everyone will shoot the same, and some people might just have the most awkwardness shot and it will fit them and make baskets.

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But the best shooters in the NBA and WNBA establish the basics when it comes to shooting a basketball. A) According to Brad Winters author of “How to Shoot the Perfect Jump Shot” he list a detail explanation of the correct shooting techniques in which I will show you myself. He states, “1. Right foot forward, left foot back 2. Elbow close to and in front of body 3. Fingertips centered on the ball 4. Cock your hand so you can see wrinkles behind your wrist 5. The straightening of your arm will naturally bring the fingers directly behind the ball for the release and follow through 6. The basketball is brought to a position in front of the face right eye and left shoulder and high enough to see goal, teammates, defenders etc. ” 2. With the proper skill set and consistent practice will you actually have a better percentage? B) If you have heard of Michael Jordan, he is the best player who has ever set foot on a basketball court and is a well know legend, will agree that the correct shooting techniques will make a difference. C) According to Michael Jordan it’s all about the B. E. E. F.

Balance, eyes, elbow and follow through. Michael Jordan Stats, “It’s important to shoot the ball the same way every single time, balance yourself with having your knees bent and one foot in front of the other, keep your eyes on the basket specifically in front of the rim, have your elbow close to and in front to protect the ball and once you rise up your follow through needs a flick of the wrist and a arc”. Transition: Correct shooting techniques is clearly needed in order to perfect the perfect jump shot.

As Michael Jordan says, you have to shoot the ball the same way every time and once you get the proper techniques down your percentage will go up drastically. Next I will like to discuss Basketball Shooting Mechanics. 1. The difference between shooting technique and mechanics is that mechanics uses math and a little physics. A) 7 tips to improve your shooting mechanics by, Jeff Haefner gives you insight on the correct shooting mechanics that elevate your shooting technique (form) but I will list 3 that is the most important to me. Your feet need to be shoulder-width apart. Your knees should be slightly bent. If you like a stance that’s more open, then your shooting foot should be forward and your non-shooting foot trailing behind. If you like a stance that’s more square, then both of your feet should be facing the basket. -Make sure the ball is released before you reach the top of your jump. Your legs generate up force, so use them! You should always land in the same spot that you left. -When you shoot, the ball should start going right up with no dipping.

Your elbow needs to be right under the ball, and your shooting hand needs to be in direct line to the rim. The ball needs to stay in front of you and should not go behind your head at all. Your body should release all with the shot: your legs, your core, and your arm all coordinated with one graceful movement. Your elbow and wrist should expand in a straight line to the basket. Transition: Shooting mechanics is another important aspect that goes into shooting the perfect jump shot, it is easy to slip into bad habits and the more you do a bad habit the deeper it will be ingrained and BECOME your mechanic.

So practice is needed the more repetition the better you will become, now that you have your shooting fundamentals and shooting mechanics down. Now it’s time to have fun. SHOOTING DRILLS!! (: 1. A fun way to practice these techniques and mechanics is shooting drills, shooting drills that include fun but most of all repetition, game like intensity and put your knowledge and body to test. A) Ray Allen is considered one of the purest shooters in NBA history and leads the league all time in three pointers made.

Strictly skills basketball . com lists some of Ray Allen’s workouts, drills and pre game rituals he does to improve his shooting. B) List of drills to do: The 2 minute challenge- The Ray Allen drill is meant to be a 2:00 timed drill to force accuracy and make you shoot under pressure. Do it several times to work on your conditioning and your shot. You must have a partner in order to do it for time, but it can also be done individually without the time component.

The Elbow drill- Run to elbow to elbow and make 10 baskets on each side, will need a partner to rebound and pass the ball to you and has to be fast paced game like motion. The shoot and retreat drill- You will also need a partner to rebound and pass for you; you will run full speed to a pass and rise for a jump shot and the retreat back on defense. This drill will help with your form under the circumstances of recovering after you retreat; conditioning and shooting form will be tested in this drill once you are tired.

Transition: As you can see, perfecting the perfect jump shot requires a lot of hard work but once you have your fundamentals and mechanics down it will be fun to practice them in drills and in games which will improve your percentage of baskets going in the hoop. Conclusion: 1. Signal: Correct shooting techniques, basketball shooting mechanics, basketball shooting form and drills to improve your shooting techniques. 2. Review: Not only is this to help improve basketball skills and your perfect jump shot this will help with any fitness you desire to participate in. 3. Tie back to audience: I been performing this skill over the years in high intensity to try and perfect the perfect jump shot. It will improve your percentage of baskets made which will make your game more unstoppable, not only am I pursuing to be a great basketball athlete, it has come in handy with personal training. 4. Conclusion remarks: I hope you all experienced an “ahh I get it” moment in your head, or at least learned something new, it is fairly easy the only thing that is hard is putting in the time and if you are serious about your perfect jump shot time shouldn’t matter it’s a dedication sport.

Informative: Basketball and Perfect Jump Shot essay

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