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Luxury car is a vehicle that provides luxury where It means by a higher quality equipment with better performance, it's provide: a good quality, comfort, higher design, the technologically Innovative modern, and not only that but the luxury car have a features that convey an image, brand or status. Luxury car is already around the world and in the Australia as well.

The sales of the Australia was rise like in one of article in Australia : Sydney Morning Herald that talk about the sales car in Australia was rise and increased by 7 per cent in the first four months in 2003 and he industry is predicting that a record-beating tally of compared with the same period last year and the Industry is predicting that a record-beating tally of 850,000 vehicles will be sold In 2003. Then there was four famous luxury car that sold In Australia's market: Holder, Ford, Toyota and Amateurish.

Then more than 320 models are sold through 50 brands (Dowling, 2003). So it means that the sales of the luxury car in Australia was good, and to make the market more grow that help the Australia economy, that have a new brand car. Infinite is a new car company to the Australian luxury automobile segment. We want to focus the Infinite car to the specific demographic In Sydney. The method we use It by exploratory research. Because It focusing on new ideas and find potential market opportunities. The focus target market is business people that have income more than $ 100. ASK The method of exploratory research are as follows: The primary data: we can collect by questionnaire filled by getting some questionnaire filled by customers and sometimes the exploratory research are usually based on secondary data consists books and website. The marketing concept The concept of the marketing research is related with the whole of the organization would be driven by a constant concern for its customer to search the potential customer and related it with our organization, particular needs of the customer, then coordinate all of activities that can affect to the customer. Wilson, 2010) For the marketing concept, we can use the concept method by research analysis:

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Formulation the problem understand our focus target where the Infinitely Is a new car company that soul not so popular. Not all people know about that yet so we must understand the full impact and implication of the luxury car industry.

Collection the data We can do by questionnaire that can be is reliance on verbal questions, written, or oral. For example we can do the questionnaire by taking the collect data with 40 respondents who can filled the questionnaires and give the required necessary Information. The respondents all business people that can be working In the office, own organization, company.

Making sampling plan We can describe the character of the group people that we focus on. Where the demographic information is age around more than 25 years old, and can be woman or man. The sample size we can make it 40 where we want to do how many that we deed It, than the area of our sample is Sydney, Australia. Then our sample technique Is a group of subjects (sample) chosen from a large group (a population).

Research The research is Sydney The respondent for our information Frequency of usage in the question we ask for highly consumed brand Management problem Infinite needs to discuss the internal problem with their staffs as this will leads to the development of a marketing research question. However, infinite needs to create customer profile, industry profile, understanding of buyer behavior, and to test advertising concept for its next advertising campaign.

It's related it with the marketing research question. Once a management problem translated into a research problem, then you can find a solution. In this case, Infinite is a new car company, and not everyone knows about this company. They might experience the problems with their sales revenue, therefore Infinite needs to examine expectations and experiences of several groups such as potential customers, first time buyers and repeat purchases.

Infinite need to determine lack of sales due to: Poor expectations that lead to lack of desire to buy because customers were not satisfied with the reduce, so they decided to not purchasing it anymore. Poor performance experience ( not meeting expectations and value of money that customers pay for Infinite car) The strategic marketing problem-based data and the testing of alternative solutions with :

Identify problem or opportunity

The Infinite is a new car company. Not many people know about the car company yet so it will be many threat from other competitors for example that the luxury car from an old company that the brand already famous. We can identify by:

  1. Strength : it's a new company so it might be many people want to know about the new car so they ill be try to get the information and search it
  2. Weakness : because a new company so there still not many people know about the new car
  3. Opportunity : new company so it have many potential to reach the market because people like something new.
  4. Threats : other competitor or other brand that it's already famous.

Determine research design and collection forms

Infinite can conduct surveys, by giving questionnaire or conducting focus group for measuring the performance standards and expectations seeks by customers, to increase their sales and customer loyalty.

Design sample

Because this is new company, therefore Infinite should not only conducting research for the potential customers and target market, but also they need to research about the design that they are going to use or put into the car.

Collect data

With secondary data where the information that has been gathered before for some purpose like internal data (available within organization) and external data (outside organization) Primary data frequently collected through questionnaire but also can be gathered through observation and qualitative research.

Analyses and interpret data

The data of Infinity must be prepared for data analysis using several steps such as collecting, coding and tabulation.

Prepared and present research report

Research report is actual document submitted to client or management summarizing results and conclusions

Quantitative ad qualitative

The qualitative data is data that based on quality or qualities data that have a quantitative data is do in small number of participants by focus group or interview. For example :

  • What is your reason to buy the luxury car?
  • How you find the luxury car information?
  • What are you looking when you decided to buy the luxury cat that you want?

The quantitative data is prefer to data that concerned with quantifying where it means that measuring and counting. Which we can subscribes to a particular empirical approach to knowledge, believing that measuring accurately enough we can make claims to the object study (Alex, 2013). The quantitative data we can do by questionnaire. For example :

What age that more like to buy the luxury car ? Age No of respondents 25 - 35 20 36 - 45 11 46 - 55 5 56 and more 4 Total We can see that the respondent is more in the age around 25 - 35 for buying luxury car.


Most of the respondent is more prefer the quality to buy the luxury car

  1. Why people want to buy a luxury car Value 8 Flaunt Value Interested in Art 7 Exclusivity 10 The respondents prefer to buy luxury car because they want to flaunt their superiority over others.
  2. What is the type of Jobs that most people buy the luxury car ? Type of Jobs Businessman Office work Government employees 12 Most of the people buy the luxury car is people are working in type of Jobs is businessman.
  3. What is the source of information to get to know the luxury cars?


No of responders Television Newspaper Website Product demos We can see most of the respondent are like to use the source by television to get interest with the luxury car that make them want to get the information about the car. Marketing research with the management decisions The management decisions are related it with the marketing research that we do. So first we must know what the problem when we want to make one decisions on our ask how to advertised the product Should it advertised by website, magazine or other source for advertising How was the cost and the budget for our new product company

What price we should decided that with our product and in customer side So the research would feed the information back to management so the management can work it out if the potential take up and the price would ensure profitability.


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