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A Street Car Named Desire Essay 3

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In the story we’re reading in class titled, “A Street Car Named Desire”, Stanley Kowalski appears to have a bad temper. Stanley Kowalski is one of the main characters in the book. He has showed very bad behavior throughout the book, as well. This behavior goes as far as abuse towards his wife. Throughout this written assessment, I will describe how Stanley is characterized and I’ll state why I believe Stanley is the way he is. I will also be stating my opinion on whether or not I have empathy for Stanley. On page 107 in the book, Stanley’s rage gets out of control.

I believe it’s out of control because all Stella asked of Stanley to do is to clean up his plates and he broke them. I believe Stanley would be characterized as aggressive in this scene. I think this because he had no right to break plates. He was simply asked to clean up, and he freaked out because he was told what to do. Also, I believe he’s acting ignorant because he quotes Huey Long and says, “Every man is a king,” when Long was referring to both men and women. Next, on page 109, Stanley is acting nice, and tells Stella everything will be alright after Blanche leaves the household and the baby is born.

He then changes the subject and starts talking about sex. I believe Stanley can be characterized as a person who only cares for sexual relations. I think this because he never cares about how she’s feeling. He’s always self-centered and only caring about what he wants. The last page, page 112, Stanley is talking about sex, once again. He’s talking about how Stella and himself met, and how they “had them colored lights going! ” I would characterize Stanley as, once again, a self-centered man. I think this because he doesn’t care about anything other than the sexual relations him and Stella had when they met.

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Also, he’s only talking about that, and not how much fun they had together doing other activities. I believe Stanley is the way he is because of his drinking. I believe he’s abusive because he drinks so much, and he’s so impaired by it, he doesn’t know what he’s doing. I believe this relates to his ways, as well. Also, I don’t think he cares much about other people because he’s a very self-centered man. Also, I believe his ego is bigger than him. This means he doesn’t really care for other people’s feelings, as long as he’s still perfect.

I have no empathy for Stanley. I have no empathy because he’s a very rude person, and rude people do not please me. If he was nice and no one understood him, (which might be the case, I don’t know) then maybe I’d have a bit of empathy for him. Also, I don’t have empathy for him because he hit his own wife. Drunk or not, he should know never to hit a women, it’s not polite. No one should have empathy for Stanley because he already has so much empathy for himself, it could supply him for the rest of his lifetime, and more.

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