Indigenous Societies

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1. What object does the grandfather throw overboard a boat (and expects will be retrieved)?

  • a. his father’s brass heirloom pistol
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  • b. his traditional chief’s necklace
  • c. his sacred black harpoon
  • d. his sacred smoking pipe
  • e. his radio

2. What is the central conflict in “Whale Rider”?

  • a. How do indigenous societies keep their traditions and yet accept change?
  • b. How indigenous societies must fight through the legal system to gain title to their land.
  • c. How can indigenous societies reverse language loss?
  • d. How do indigenous societies gain control over rising blood pressure?

3. What item has not been finished, but finally is (and is then used) at the end of the film?

  • a. a chief’s house
  • b. a traditional canoe
  • c. a woman’s hut
  • d. a ritual club

4. What (or who) is the grandfather trying to find?

  • a. the sacred carved steering paddle for his carved war canoe.
  • b. a leader who will lead his people into the next generation.
  • c. a new husband for his spinster granddaughter.
  • d. all of the above

5. What does the grandfather do when the object is not retrieved?

  • a. leaves it there and sinks into a depression.
  • b. retrieves it himself and then breaks it in half with his bare hands.
  • c. forces his son to retrieve it.
  • d. leaves it there and it is never retrieved again.
  • e. calls up a supernatural whale ancestor who swallows it up and spits it onto the beach.

6. This film…

  • a. captures the confusion of traditional culture in the transition to a modern one.
  • b. graphically depicts the abuse of native peoples at the hands of more technologically advanced white colonists.
  • c. focuses on what might be called “slave labor” conditions in Third World sweatshops.
  • d. portrays how one man is able to overcome his drug addiction to become the next chief of the tribe.
  • e. all of the above

7. How does ‘Whale Rider’ conclude?

  • a. the grandfather drowns, killed as he tries to ride a whale.
  • b. the girl is allowed to become a leader.
  • c. the girl’s mother is brought back to life by the supernatural whale spirit.
  • d. the girl helps win the court battle and gains ocean fishing rights for her people.

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