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Informative Essay on Independence day

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Good Morning Philippines, Respected teachers and my dear friends. I wish you a happy independence Day. INDEPENDENCE DAY means a day when we had got freedom from not only brute rulers but freedom from what from fulfillment of right needs... Today on June 12,2014 Philippines is celebrating Its 16th Independence day and we are proud to say that we earned our freedom 116 year back, which was by an act passed by the American parliament and we were the first to get our

Independence through the act which Is a mark of respect. Independence Day Is the day to commemorate all the works of certain people or Individuals who contributed much for the liberty of their country. More that celebrating the freedom of the country from slavery, dictatorship and tyrant rule, It Is also the day to acknowledge all the sufferings and hardships of these people we called heroes. We recognize their bravery and thank them for all the things they contributed for the freedom of their entry and countrymen.

But let me remind you all that willing Independent was the end of our struggle, it was Just the beginning of our greatest challenge and that was to make us prosperous. As a Filipino citizen , we are proud of its golden past. We had one of the oldest and richest civilization of the world. Today we not only need to be proud of our glorious past but also work to make our present and future better than our past . We need to make our self so capable that we can praise its present ND this can be only done, when we work hard for it.

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And we can only work hard, if we have a feeling of patriotism & nationalism in our heart. Patriotism is a very deep and meaningful word, and its meaning changes according to the demand of time. During pre Independence time, Patriotism meant to get out of our houses and fight against foreign rule, whereas today a true patriot is that person who gives best of his services in the development, progress and fulfillment of his nation as the best human resource.

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