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American war for independence II

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The American war for Independence was a new revolution that was relevant for various political and social reasons. Due to the changes caused by such revolution, the changes that happened during this event greatly changed the course of American History. In order to fully understand the radical nature of the American Revolution, it is first important to briefly discuss the events during this period. Occurring in the latter half of the 18th century, the American Revolution was the event that allowed the Thirteen (13) Colonies to become the United States of America.

This was also the event that finally granted these colonies the independence that they desired from the British Empire. The American War of Independence or Revolutionary War that ensued from 1775 to 1783 was largely radical in nature because of the fact that it was the first instance that a colony had tried and succeeded to gain independence from the British Empire. One of the key developments resulted from this revolution was the birth and growth of enlightenment philosophy in America.

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The influence of this wave of thinking created a certain sect that was opposed to an absolute monarchy, such as that of the British Empire, and instead embraced a new form of government that was revolutionary for its time. The broad intellectual and social paradigm shifts within the colonies introduced new ideas with regard to republican ideals that began to take hold among the members of the colonies. Democracy soon began to play a larger role in the determination of the new government that was going to replace the absolute monarchy.

The steadily expanding role of democracy in government caused the deterioration of traditional social hierarchies that existed. Instead a new ethic was created within the core of American Political values. While the United States was arguably not the first democracy to ever exist, the neo-classical model that arose during this time was largely unheard of in other parts of the world, particularly from a British Colony.

These social and political changes greatly impacted the way that the world saw the Americas from that point on. As the birthplace of modern democracy as the world now recognizes it, the United States of America soon became the symbol of world democracy. The birth of new ideas with regard to government, representation and social class were all altered by this event. It was so influential that it became the foundation of the American Constitution and the reason why the United States will always be known as the land of the free.

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