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Impact of Events on Our Lives

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Event generally refers to any happening or occurrence it meaner any thing significant happened. Event Is a phenomenon, any observable or an extraordinary occurrence. Event Is great way to let member know about upcoming conferences, Events are of many kinds such as a birthday, a wedding, concerts, parties etc. Death of some one, or any other incident that has occurred. Events are not necessarily good and happening but they are bad too.

Depending on their nature events effect our lives in many ways such as if something good had happened it will effect us in a positive way similarly if something bad or wrong and depressing had happened then it will have a negative effect on us. Thus events play a vital role in our lives depending upon their nature and occurrence. : "Event is something that happens or something that takes place; an occurrence, a social gathering or activity may also be termed as an event". LIFE: As long as I remember the first event that comes to my mind is entering school and the start tot my school elite.

At the age of 4 my preschool started, thus my world enlarged from my home to my school. Meeting new people and developing new relations I. E. Relearn of teacher and student, and friendship the most Important aspects of this event. Before joining school the only people knew were my family members and some other relatives but my school broadened my social circle which then included my teachers, my friends and many other people who accompanied me from my way to school and home, which predominantly include my bus fellows.

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Thus this event gave me knowledge, developed thinking abilities in me. And gave me a vision to enlighten my life with the power of knowledge. It gave me an understanding o meet new people. Know them and most important of all it blessed me with gift of friends who are an Important part of my life, with whom I played, shared my feelings, sometime had fights but at the end everything was perfectly fine. After 5th standard I had to move over to another school which again was another event regarding my educational life.

Initially there was a fear of the new environment, new people and obviously the new class, but there was no way out rather than to prepare my self for the new school. So there came a day when I said bye to my old school and entered ewe one, here there was more strictness regarding deadlines and the load of study also Increased. But It took no time to me to adjust In the environment the major reason was again finding new friends who help me, took care of me and were always there for me when I needed them. This event my learning abilities and also developed in me sportsman sprit as during this time actively participated in sports.

Then this chapter life had to close with the open of new event that was to enter collage this event again added to my experience, knowledge and skills, with the placement of colonization abilities and confidence to meet new people and face new challenges. The breathtaking event that happened during this time was the earthquake and disasters of 8th October. It shocked me from inside as I saw the demolished houses, schools and other buildings, crying mothers, yelling children and needy people, to be kind to all human beings and to have faith in ALLAH and also it strengthened my believe as a Muslim that everything in this world is temporary.

There were many other events that remained a part of my academic years which are top positions in class and getting trophies as a reward. This gave me and my family a lot of happiness as well it gave me motivation to work harder and to become regular and responsible. There were many sports events which gave me pride whenever I succeed and in case of failure I learned to never be in despair but to try and try Picnics, welcome and farewell parties were also a part of this. They were again. Always a source of Joy, and they made me fresh.

I am the oldest among my siblings thus the births of all my siblings were most Joyous events of my life. These events brought a sense of responsibility in me as being elder it was my duty to take care of y younger brothers and sisters. These events also taught me to be kind and gentle towards younger, and they also made me very playful, as playing with my younger siblings was and still is an important activity in my life. The yearly event of everyone's life is the arrival of his or her birthday.

So in my life too each birthday brings loads of love, blessings and happiness in my life. The wishes of my parent's, siblings, friends and all other people make me feel their love, affection and care towards me and I feel blessed the whole year long as I have the feeling that their love ND prayers are always with me. My excitement increases many folds if someone celebrates my birthday. Other than excitement birthday brings some maturity in me as I think about the year I have passed and critically analyzed whatever I have done.

I cheer upon my successes and learn from the mistakes. Marriages of my close relatives are also very exciting events. Such event give source of Joys and celebrations, moreover, there is a chance of meeting those relatives with whom I haven't met for a long time. Thus these events remind me of our traditions and leave me fresh and happy. The arrival of Ramadan and the celebrations of two aids are also very important events in my life. In the month of Ramadan Allah showers His blessings upon us.

Thus in Ramadan I have the feeling of being blessed, I abstain myself from those things that are disliked by Allah and I find spiritual peace. Aids are wonderful and exciting events, getting new clothes, meeting people after a long time, get-together and rejoicing the old memories are all part of my did. Thus my energy is boost up, I remain active and happy. One sad event that I recall is when my aunt had brain hemorrhage and is now paralyzed. I was very depressed those days and felt very bad for her. With the passage of time everything came back to normal and was l. UT the impact of this event stayed, as I learned to take care of patients, to serve and to entertain them, to make them simile so that they forget their worries and pain and get a feeling that they are not alone, people love them and care for them. There is another sad event that I remember is my aunt's death. Her death was a shock for all of us as Just a day before her death she came to our house and spent the whole day with us, we had the lunch together and she talked to us for a ere long time and then after having tea with us in the evening she left.

We had a great time with her and the very next day when we were talking about her suddenly we came to know about her death, this news was a great shock for all of us and none of us was ready to admit the fact that she is no more with us. Her sudden death a life that is afterwards. This event also helped me to become a good Muslim and a good human being. These were some of the vital events, I have come across and they have indeed left a mark on my feelings, behavior and response towards certain scenarios.

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