The Impact of Popular Culture in Our Lives

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As the number of users, young or old people round the world grows; It Is Important to know the causes that have made Faceable so phenomenon In our lives. Among the various ways by which FEB.. Has come to possess our lives, we are going to talk about relationship, business and online gaming. First, Faceable Is so popular because It Is an excellent way to establish friendship and create a friends' circle around the world. It is not only used to create relationship, but it allows people or friends to stay in communication.

With its features like instant online chat and now Video calling, Faceable makes friendship more interesting at no cost all. In addition to its great benefit, Faceable is a platform where we can create, personalize and manage our own profile. FEB.. Has improved the way society communicate by dismantling the barrier and creating an environment of openness (Fletcher Dan and Andrea Ford, 1). We can share any event of our life by posting pictures, comments, and video. Faceable also gives us the chance to react to the post of friends by commenting the posted event.

As a social website, it is a best way to retrieve old friends seen longtime ago. FEB.. Is a space which allows us to keep in touch with our friends and family members no matter the distance (Breed Conrad, www. Dedication. Ca). For example a family member travels to another place where it is difficult to coordinate the difference of time, therefore, it is hard to have phone conversation or text. Nowadays Faceable gives us the chance to stay in touch. With the development of internet, electronics devices like smartness and tablets, we can share and report our feelings, our life's event at any time and from any part of the world.

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Another way Faceable boosts relationship is for example when students create a group for studying purpose. Through this link, students can stay connected ND share any information on their project, home works, weekly assignments, exams and due date. Next, FEB.. Is not only used to create relationship, but people can also use It to do business. Business may enjoy Faceable for many reasons . Small or big business can lower marketing expenses by using FEB.. Pages and also allow people to upload pictures, video and leave comments from business.

This may be a powerful way to communicate with customers, Glenn the chance to see the product or service expectations without having to vaults the office. Also the function "share or tag" can be used to promote business around the world (N. P. , www. Business. SLD. Gob. AU/ page, and then invite friends or existent customers to share or tag it. Each shared image will appear on a Faceable members' pages where their friends can see it too. By the end of posting day, the image or picture can be seen five hundred to thousand times.

Faceable is a base of customers of more than one thousand millions around the world. Business activities which were extremely expensive prior Faceable, can be used on Faceable for free or at least for a small contribution. Faceable page is a space where any business can publicize their name, address and contact details, and rotary their products and services. Business organizations can present their staff, history, or any other aspect of their activities that can attract other Faceable users and create interest (N. P. , www. Business. SLD. Gob/business).

Finally, Faceable is becoming one of the most enamored platform for online gaming. It is an amazing website that provides an exciting and stimulating platform of online free games for its members 24 hours a day. Play online games with friends, share scores and sometimes give points to rescue them is one of the interesting thing that Faceable offers to its members. Nowadays, Feb.. Online gaming has surprisingly exploded. The number of players grows at the same rate as the Faceable users' number. Some people only login in Faceable to play games and spend times.

The users who play games monthly on faceable. Com are up to 250 million (Breed Conrad, www. Dedication. Ca). The success of Faceable game application makes games developers to link their product to Faceable. To emphasize online social interactions with others players, Faceable tends to focus games (Breed Conrad, maw. '. Addiction. Ca). Among Faceable games, some games like Yoga's Diamond Dash, Pet Saga Rescue, Zingy, city Vile are most attractive. For example in "October 2013, members were directed to Diamond Dash app over 19 million times" (Mike Thompson, www insignificance. Mom). In conclusion, Faceable is a mean used by any type of people from anywhere in the world. Feb.. Gives us a chance to do many interesting things like creating relationship, doing business and having fun by playing games as well. Even if FEB.. Has dismantled any culture barriers, it is important to underline that Faceable has possessed our lives. Today, many people cannot spend an entire day without logging in FEB.. . The question is how to use Faceable without making us dumber or addicts. Brent Conrad. "Why is Faceable so Addictive?

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