The Future of WiMAX and its Effect on Our Lives

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On the bad side, which include health concerns that come with these radiation waves, which can affect people's health. In general, what does WiMAX technology mean? This is very important to know. To explain it well, everyone has to know that WiMAX is not the same as Wi-Fi. In the past, the internet was not spread like it is now so this technology was not well-known. Nowadays, it is bigger and effective in society, because this science has become more important than before. In fact, what changed is that now people become more interested in these technologies and look for more development in this field.

With development in this field, companies start to invent new technology that can be better than and challenge Wi-Fi, such as WiMAX and LTE. An example of people who might be interested in WiMAX is college students who spend a lot of time working on their projects or research. So, if the education institutions themselves start to provide this technology to their students, they can make the learning experience much better (Tandle, 2010). This spread of technology means more range of wireless internet on-campus, so the students have a better chance to access the internet while learning.

The development of WiMAX can be helpful for any group of people. WiMAX is not the only technology in the wireless field; there is also a big challenge with LTE. WiMAX technology descended from Wi-Fi, so it is not part of cellular technology. Even though WiMAX has become a challenger to LTE, LTE is still under cellular technologies. WiMAX starts with home connections and delivers a broadband connection to houses, instead of running expensive cables across long distance hey promised much better compatibility with cellphones. In addition, the LTE standard was approved in America as the first LTE network (Segan, 2012).

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Effect of WiMAX on our Life According to the HowStuffWorks website, WiMAX provides worldwide access, and the idea of this technology is to make the broadband internet wider than Wi-Fi. Another way to describe it is that can access the internet not only from the hotspot near you, but also in a wide range.

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