A Teenager’s Journey to the American Dream

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Imagine being thirteen years old, living "the dream" and enjoying your life until your father says, "pack up we are moving to a different country. " Any person would be In shock after hearing someone say that to them against their will, let alone a teenage girl. Gloria Jugular was told this by her father in the year 1962 that she would be moving to the United States of America from Calico, Mexico. She was living a very luxurious, middle class lifestyle with all her family. She had lots of friends and family who loved her. She lived in a fairly nice house and went to a good school.

Glorious father had obtained a workers permit to work the fields for himself, Gloria, and her older brother. Gloria, her brother, and her father came by car across the border traveling for seven days. When Gloria Jugular leafstalk's, Mexico In 1962 at the age of thirteen, she was leaving behind a great life, family, and friends. Her expectations were to find "The American Dream" of a better education, become better off financially, and for her experience to be "like heaven". When Gloria reflects on her journey she believes she has overcame a lot and met her expectation of the American

Dream. Gloria was expecting to live a better life than she was living when she arrived to California. She soon came to realize she would not have that option. Gloria had to work the olive trees climbing up and down daily to meet her daily quota. In 1963, there was a letter to Congress which basically stated in order for immigrants to obtain citizenship they must first be looked at for

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  1. "the skills of the immigrant and their relationship to our needs [United Stated];
  2. the family relationship between immigrants to the person already here" (Kennedy).

This helped Immigrants who were miming Into the united States to make the process faster. For Glorious family, It was the fact that they were coming to be farm workers. Gloria spent SIX to nine months out of the year traveling back and forth to Mexico and Woodland, CA. Gloria, her brother and her father took these long exhausting trips from Mexico to the United States until she turned 18 years old. Although the scenery was Just as perfect as she pictured it would be, her daily life was not. Glorious father no longer allowed her to get an education. She was always constantly working to make ends meet.

There was o telephone to communicate with her friends and family. In the home she was staying in there was a television to help the time go by. Gloria also had a radio to help with the passing of time. "Kennedy's domestic efforts were in their infancy when an assassin's bullets struck him down November 22, 1963" (Understanding the American Promise). Kennedy died before he could fulfill the many promises he made to Americans of economic growth. The radio was the way Gloria and her family learned of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. This was a major concern for her and her fellow Mexican Immigrants because John F. Kennedy was an advocate to bettering the immigration systems. "While Jiff's right legacy is widely recognized, less attention has been paid to his record championing reform that ended an era of deeply discriminatory immigration laws" (Doris). President Kennedy had a power and great had a great vision for immigration that could change the face of America forever. She was in shock and In utter sadness when she learned of the news. The eliminated ancestry, race, or the national origin as a basis for immigrants. It created many fundamentals that still stand in today's system for legal immigration into the

United States

Not speaking English and not having anyone to teach her made life harder for Gloria. The lack of understanding English kept her from having American friends. This made her feel very isolated and like she was in a "deep hole". The feeling of being isolated was not a feeling Gloria was used to. It wasn't until she was a little over eighteen when she learned how to speak English. At the age of eighteen, she married off to get out of her father's house and reside in the United States permanently. After she had her first son, Random, her husband had tried to kill her so she fled once again.

She eventually found a live-in babysitting Job with a family who had two children. She learned English through the children, who at the time were both toddlers who were trying to learn English as well. Gloria also paid very close attention to the English television and radio stations to help her with her English language. Her life had improved from the first time she arrived in the United States. When Gloria looks back at her initial reaction to the United States she feels she has come a long way because she has achieved her "American Dream".

Her "American Dream" is defined as having a wonderful life that includes a child or hillier, owning your own home, a great Job and career, the right to vote, health care and freedom to make your own choices. Gloria is very upset and concerned for those still in Mexico dealing with the corruptions, such as the Mexican cartel. One of the most recognized and quoted opening sentence in the starter to "Uprooted," Dry. Handling engraved: "Once I thought to write a history of the immigrants in America. Then I discovered that the immigrants were American history. Americans have come from many different backgrounds to make the "American" culture we know today. Gloria is extremely pleased with living in the United States. She remarried and had three beautiful children. She now owns three homes in California. She also has a very giving and caring position as a care giver to the sick and elderly. She has great healthcare to cover her and her family well-being. She enjoys the right to have a say in her government. Gloria believes America is the land of freedom and opportunity. Gloria is very pleased to be able to allow her children to have these opportunities of "The American Dream".

According to the article, "Reform Immigration FOR America" Obama has opted to pursue an administrative immigration policy. Therefore this causes conflict with the Republican critics by boosting his immigration and border enforcement authorizations. Also according to the article, "Reform Immigration FOR America" Obama has prioritize dealing with health care reform rather than immigration. During his election much of the work in swing districts were spent simply convincing the legislators that their vote would make the immigration reform happen. Obama is not making immigration a priority like he persuaded the people to believe he was.

According to "Immigration Reform" the extent that the public-spirited issues of improvement enters the debates. The suggestions for "legalizing" undocumented workers attempts to respond to the question of what the government should do with people who are living in the United States? This funding has tremendous effect to the economy. But yet they are still being deprived of basic process would rank the considerate "good immigrant" also known as Dreamers. This term refers to young people who came to the United States as children. They are now seeking citizenship, along with the many others in demand framework's and tech worker.

They are also set to be "fast tracked" on the path to citizenship. They are more likely to have a significant shorter time than the decade-plus those other migrants can anticipate. This setting would create on an earlier organizational command issued by President Obama. It would also definitely stop deportations for the young generations meeting the background requirements. Gloria says for those who are in America they should be grateful. Gloria also says that it may take a lot of different situations testing your patience but, "Do NOT give up on your dream of bettering yourself. Gloria believes that those in Mexico should so their hardest to try ND come to America for more opportunities. Gloria also says that "America has more to offer when it comes to many things. " She believes the education is better in the United States and having this education allows you better career opportunities. Although she says the process has definitely become harder by the increasing costs and rules, Gloria advises anyone trying to immigrate to the United States to continue to have faith in God, pray, and to not give up until your goals are achieved. Many people would say Gloria Jugular is a role model to achieve their American dream.

People would say this because when Gloria reflects on her Journey she believes she has overcame a lot and met her expectation of the American Dream.

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