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Life of a Teenager

Essay Topic:

The life of a teenager is wild, and young and free. You can do whatever you want. You can have your crushes if you want or either a boyfriend, a good and understanding boyfriend. But take note, that you must know your limitations. You can happy as happy as you want and you can be as sad as you want. You can decide what can of life you want to live in. Being a teenager is the happiest part of your life.

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This is the stage of your life, which is exciting and fun.

You can also have many experiences in this stage. Also, beware because temptations might happen here. You must choose a good friend, to avoid dilequenc y and problems. Choose a boyfriend who is good, and not a sex addict, because if he is a sex addict you might have a chance to be pregnant. And if that would happen your future might be broken. There is also a case that you will undergo or commit abortion, without thinking the baby’s good.

You are thinking y your self. It might also happen that the person who made you pregnant will go to other places, just to hide from you, because he is not ready for the responsibility. Being a mother or father in young age is a great challenge, because you are not yet ready to take that responsibility. But you can’t give your back on it. Remember responsibility is always been a responsibility. Be aware, temptations might be at your back, following you.

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