If I Could Live Here!

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If I could live in one place out of the country I probably would have to say I would live somewhere in Italy, either in Rome, Venice, or Tuscany. I have always admired Italy because of its beautiful scenery and the magnificent architecture. If I were to live in Italy I would not live in the big city even though it is full of wonderful adventures around every corner and the buildings are magnificent I would probably end up living somewhere out in the country side because of the scenery that is there.

All of the antique houses and the magnificent vineyards are just simply breathtaking. If I were to live in Rome, Italy I probably would live in the city because that is where all of their architecture is like the Colosseum, or the Trevi fountain, or Saint Peters Basilica. I would love just waking up in the morning and looking out of my window and seeing these magnificent buildings and being able to enjoy the nightlife.

If I were to live in Venice I would probably also live in the city but I would live along the canal because I love the way it looks during the day and night when you are along the canal and the soothing sound of the water. I would also like to live in Venice because of the boat rides that you can take around because I think that would be a fun way to get around anyplace that you go. And if I lived in Tuscany I would defiantly live in the country because the scenery there is simply breathtaking and I would own a small little vineyard and live in a cute little antique house.

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I love the idea of living in the country because it just looks amazing in the morning at the break of dawn and at sunset. So as you can probably already tell Italy would be my ideal place to live because I just love it. Because not only is it remote and you can stay out of the busyness of the city and go live in the country if that is what you like. But if you like living in the city and seeing all of the architecture. And that’s what I like about Italy is its versatility.

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