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His question was birthed from his desperation, because his baby daughter was about to die, she would never experience a prom, or graduate from college. L don't know if she was dying because she was a little black girl who may have been walking in Sanford with skittles and iced tea, or if her music was too loud in Jacksonville, or if she was coming from the corner store in Ferguson... But in the moment of desperation, Jesus heads to the location of his house. I'm glad this evening, that Jesus will stop by the house and come and see about you... It's at the location, that Jesus sets expiration on their mourning. Jesus says, "The child is not dead. She's only sleeping".

What they considered as fatal, Jesus sees as fruitful. Then Jesus gives her protection by taking her by the hand and saying "Daughter, Arise". For the hand of God protects me, it lifts me, comforts me, and secures me! I need his hand. Short Version: 1 . As I close, I can hear Jarvis, the synagogue ruler, asking this same question which moved Jesus to the location of his house. And I'm glad this evening, that Jesus will stop by the house and come and see about you... Secures me and it comforts me! Scriptural Reference ; Mark 5: 21 -43 2.

The disciples were on a boat in a storm and asked the question to Jesus "Carets thou not that we perish? " , really meaning "Where do we go from here? ". The storm is about to over take us, the winds are beating us in the face, the waves are swamping us in the boat and we are about to drown. Lord, "Where do we go from here? ' Jesus goes from where he was asleep to the location where they were afraid. And at this location, he put the wind on expiration. Then gave them protection by saying "Peace be still".

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Scriptural Reference - Mark 4:35-41 Mary and Marsh's brother Lazarus was dead and Martha was furious with Jesus and said, "If you had been here our brother would not have died". Her whole world was shattered at the loss Of her only brother. She essentially was crying "Where do we go from here? " But Jesus arrives at their location, and says show me where you laid him. At that location, Jesus gives expiration to the stone, the very thing that was holding him back and keeping him bound, Jesus tells to them to remove.

And finally, Jesus gives him protection by removing the grave clothes from him Scriptural Reference - John 1 1 But I know that on one Friday... From the 6th - 9th hour, Jesus Christ died... The world wondered and pondered, "Where do we go from here? " , the one that... They put him in a location oaf borrowed tomb all night Friday Then expiration came early on Sunday morning when he got up with all Power in his hands. Because He got up he gives me protection everyday of my life... The blood covers me And now, This calls for a celebration...

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