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Movie Review: 3 Idiots

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Last Saturday, we watched an Indian movie entitled “3 Idiots”. It is my first time to watch an Indian film and I must tell you that it is a great experience. At first, I actually taught that it is a typical comedy movie but I was wrong. There are so many lessons to be learned in the film. The first lesson is we should always follow our passion. Very often, we deceive ourselves by giving in to the demands of the people around us, rather than following what our minds dictate. We go by the set standards of the society and ignore our real passion.

We end up becoming average professionals in the field that we enter and on the other hand, the field that happens to be our real passion loses a potential talent. An example given in the movie is a person who has a passion for photography walks into an engineering college and ends up becoming an average engineer, while the fine arts industry loses a good photographer. The second lesson is do not learn to get success, learn for knowledge. When we strive hard to learn and improve our knowledge, we move ahead in life.

Never run after success but let it automatically happen to your life. The third lesson is we should enjoy the present. We either lose ourselves in the maze of past success and failures, or worry ourselves sick about the future. We cannot change what has already happened and we cannot predict what happens in future. Instead, we should focus on doing our day to day work with eagerness and excitement, then we end up positively influencing the future. Lastly, we must help others and respect them.

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Helping others helps you grow mentally and easily associates you. A lasting relationship is created by helping others. In the film, Rancho helps Raju and Farhan in choosing right careers for them and follow their dreams. This creates an everlasting bond between friends, not only friends but with anyone whom we help. You grow as a person and never have to look back in life. This movie is an eye opener to each one of us. I recommend that every student should watch this film, they will not only apply it to their studies but to their everyday life.

Movie Review: 3 Idiots essay

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