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Human Service Organizations

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As defined by Sociology, Discrimination is a physical manifestation of Prejudice wherein people who are different from the majority were pre-judge by others and they were treated in a way which is differently from others. They may appear differently by race, sex, color and appearances, but as we all know that discrimination from race, sex and color were already protected by the Constitution in so many countries in the world. As such, the US Congress extended their effort to protect those who appeared differently in their physical formation making them to pass an Act which is then called as Disability Act.

From the wordings itself, this Act empowers anyone who has physical disabilities and deformities from the continuing existence of prejudice prohibiting them to experience an equal treatment and opportunity which eventually delivers an impact in the US economy and the society as their Congress was able to find out that there are almost 43,000,000 Americans have physical disabilities on which according to their study they can an essential in the human and economic empowerment as far as development is concerned.

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This Act orders the different sectors of the society (Health, Communication, Transportation, Business. etc) to provide a convenient measures that will cater disable person so they could also experience a life that a normal person does. This maybe the reason why we can see numerous wheelchair ramps along the streets as well as in public transport, so that persons in wheelchair can also ride a public transport and pass along the busy streets of the metro. And as far as opportunity is concerned, private businesses are now employing disabled persons as long as their talents can meet the demand of the job.

People with disabilities also have the right to live in our society and shouldn’t be deprived of the same privileges normal people do. On this aspect, we can develop a society which is free of discrimination which eventually could result a fast tracked economic development as this law maximizes talents of disabled person and empowers human resources. Reference: Ada. gov. (2007). AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT OF 1990 [Electronic Version]. Retrieved August 29, 2007 from http://www. usdoj. gov/crt/ada/pubs/ada. htm.

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