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Adult Learning Theory on Healthcare Organizations

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Healthcare organizations need regular updates on their instructional designs on their employees and staff. This instructional designs or curriculums are much needed to inform the manpower of the organization on recent developments on technologies and applications on cases and situations, new regulations needed to be implemented or any other pertinent information for the organization’s and its staff’s needs to know.

However, the method of educating the staff, whom majority are already on their adult stage, should be effective for them, and for the company. One applicable theory on educating the adult is Malcolm Knowles’ theory of andragogy.

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Adult Learning Theory on Healthcare Organizations

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 It outlines effective methodologies for adult learning. On his theory, adults need to know why they should learn. On this case, the educator or administrator of the organization should make it a point that the staff understood the importance of the new information they should learn. Moreover, adults tend to ask when and where they will be able to use their new learning on real-life situations.

Again, the educator should explain that the series of discussions to be made is for their self-improvement inside the organization towards the company’s goal and vision. Finally, adult learners should be well motivated on their new experience and learning. Incentives such as increased, self-esteem, job satisfaction and quality of life are significant in giving adults a basis to learn.

 The various methodologies on adult learning and adult education are important for every educator. They should be also be knowledgeable on different approaches and techniques on educating an adult. Knowles’ theory is imperative for an educator developing an educational program so that we can address the consistent growing demands of adult education.


Holton, E. F., Swanson, D. A., & Knowles, M. S. (2005). The Adult Learner.


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