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Human Resource needs of typical organizations

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Proper record keeping is a must for every organization, and one of the vital information which all companies should properly and securely keep and maintain is employees’ records. This can be done via maintaining a personnel file (Truesdell, 2004). Managers use personnel file to find or scan biographical data of their employee. It can help the managers in an employee’s assessment. According to the Office of the Human Resources of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the following are the information which a manager can retrieve from the personnel file:

Impact of employment law The image of hotel occupations as reputable and professional employers needs to be ensured by the combination of government policy and industry association campaigns and HRM practices appropriate to the social circumstances. These hotel managers must operationalize the imperatives which include the definition of service product and the production processes so that there will be appropriate HRM systems that will retain, attract and reward professional service providers. The role of professional bodies

Hospitality management face risks, as the industry itself is evolving in form and direction. New tourism, such as eco-tourism and mass tourism lead to massive impacts too. Hospitality managers and owners must realize how their industry impacts the political, social, cultural and environmental surroundings of their local communities, thus must be sensitive and responsive to necessary planning, representation and implementation procedures that will prevent ill effects on these sociological components.

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In tourism and hospital management, owners and manager, even the local, national government and professional bodies need to think of the tourists’ concerns and issues. Now is the time to dwell on issues on the other side of the fence, the issues and concerns of local communities who offer tourism and hospitality services. The hospitality industry is not just about foreigners or local tourists. It is also about building positive and life-affirming relationships between different cultures and ethnic origins. Conclusion

Indeed, decision-making especially in the area of Customer service recovery in the hospitality industry is crucial because this “is vital to maintaining customer and employee satisfaction and loyalty, which contribute significantly to a company's revenues and profitability” [Tax and Brown, 1998, para 1]. Service recovery is about a company learning from a service failure, or turning service failures into opportunities to improve performance. If service providers will learn the service encounter cyclical model, a manager may get some tips when is the best time to do service recovery strategies.

Service recovery strategies are necessary to “recapture a customer following a dissatisfying experience by resolving problems. The key to service recovery is speed” [Spake, 2005, p. 12].


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Human Resource needs of typical organizations essay

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