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HR Management Roles

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The Human Resources Department an important system to any organization and is a key component in the healthcare industry. It is the HR department that is built on skills, performance, and knowledge of the organization and is responsible for hiring and training the new employee’s healthcare services. “Human resources, when pertaining to health care, can be defined as the different kinds of clinical and non-clinical staff responsible for public and individual health intervention” (WHO, 2000).

The roles and functions of the Human Resources Department (HR) management in the health care industry is to work closely with all staff to ensure each employee recognizes the needs and standards of the organization. Management is about planning, performance and team work. Planning is a vital in any organization and in healthcare it is pertinent for proper flow and function of the organization. “High- performance organization show a greater commitment and skill development” (Gomez-Mejia, 2010).

This is the prime element in HR management roles the organization has opening positions, new programs for employees and creating a plan is essential for success. As a representative of management HR a plan to promote employees who show exceptional ability to lead. Management must look at these employees who show skill and focus on how to move them into positions that need their talent. Hiring new personnel for an organization includes providing extensive training for employee development. A program from management would include building proficiency requirements, develop mental skills of potential new employees.

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HR Management Roles

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The functional roles of the HR department is to provide assistance to all managers who execute responsibilities of the health care organization. The department monitors daily functions of the healthcare organization to ensure the organization is running smoothly. It is their duty to oversee the organization success in practice. The HR department responsibility is to confirm that each employee has the proper skills and training required for the position. This guarantees that the organization is operated effectively day-to-day. The methods used in the HR department creates a team effort atmosphere for the organization.

This set clear goals, standards and success in a healthcare organization this gives each employee something to accomplish. The HR department’s role in the healthcare industry is very important, and the functions of the department’s plans, skills, and programs help achieve the organizations goal success in the healthcare industry. Management is the center of the organizations achievements. Proper management in HR is crucial in delivering quality health care. Management in HR is needed to develop new programs and policies. Effective management keeps the healthcare industry in a position to provide quality care to patients.

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