Mintzberg’s Ten Management Roles

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In the light of the above examples we can see that  Mintzberg's Ten Management Roles are a complete set of behavior or roles within a business environment which are followed by most of these managers at every level. Each role is different, therefore pning the variety of all identified management behaviors’. When collected together as an included whole, the capabilities and competencies of a manager can be further evaluated in a role-specific way.

The roles are divided into three categories. The first category is informational which includes; monitoring duties and this includes assessing internal operations, a department’s success and the problems and opportunities which may arise. All the information gained in this capacity must be stored and maintained. The disseminator is the person who highlights factual or value based external views into the organisation and to subordinates. This requires both filtering and delegation skills. The final role is spokesman, who transmits information to outsiders through speeches and report to organisation. The second category is interpersonal which consists of the role of figurehead for social, inspiration, legal and ceremonial obligations. In this light, the manager is seen as a symbol of status and authority. Leaders direct and motivate subordinates, train counsels and communicate with subordinates.

The role of the liaison is to maintain information links both inside and outside the organization and uses e-mail, cell phones, and meetings to communicate and bridge networks. Another role is decisional which includes the Entrepreneur. This role seeks to encourage managers to create improvement projects and work to delegate, empower and supervise teams in the development process. The Disturbance handler role is based on taking corrective action during disputes or crises and resolves conflicts among subordinates. The Resource allocator describes the responsibility of allocating and overseeing financial, material and personnel resources. The Negotiator represents the department during negotiation of union contracts or sales and represent department of interest. All Managers also use SMART.

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The word SMART means to be Specific, Measurable, Action oriented, Realistic and function according to a Time scale. Consider the example of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Colonel Harland Sanders started his work with the depression rate of 25% in 1930s. So it’s a fact that if Colonel has applied to this rules and he seceded it during those years, his efforts made him a successful person through a lot of challenges and from controversy.

In fact the problems in the corporate world are caused both internally and externally, therefore managers need to be extra careful and intelligent when considering the things that may affect them. This process is done through a SWOT analysis; this is the second step in the process. SWOT stands for Strength; Weakness; Opportunity; Threat. This is carried out by managers to determine what to focus on in the near future. The strengths are reinforced; the weaknesses are overcome; the opportunities are looked into and appropriate measures are taken to seize them; the threats are dealt with swiftly. Every manager uses SWOT to overcome his problem in business as he faces the challenges.

In the conclusion the key is the effective problem solving ability of managers and their understanding of the conditions of the failure or success of business. All great businesses have gained success by putting their every effort only those companies lead to success which implements on these strategies to be at the top of the competition. Steve Jobs the CEO of Apple and Co-founder of Pixar is one of the proofs of the ultimate measures of a man. He got fired by the board of directors at the age of thirty, fired from Apple which was the best thing which happened to him. The time period when he got fired gave him the confidence to face the challenges of world and However, he started working from start and in next five years he became the founder of Pixar studio and Next.

After few years Apple invited him next and he rejoined the Apple Company. He didn’t lose the faith and belief in himself and through his tough time of controversy, he again became the CEO of Apple Company. This paper as argued that by using the above aspects of management of manager’s roles and managers skills, any man can face the problems through his challenges although he can have the comfort and convenience.

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