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Whenever you start writing the essay, you want to make it understandable and persuasive for the reader. One of the most useful techniques to do this is to include real-life examples. If the core of the written composition is examples, used to develop the topic, it is called exemplification essay. This type of writing shows that the theme discussed is not fictional and is connected to the real world. However, it sometimes happens that the essay is boring though it includes relevant examples. Let's clarify what the writer should change to improve exemplification essay.

Experiment with the Topic

A lot of things depend on the writer's ability to use the topic. Creative approach to the theme is the key to exemplary writing because even the most boring topic can be transformed into a gripping discussion. You just need to show the theme from another point of view. Look for similar questions in the Internet, books, videos; examine what people say, and try not to repeat their viewpoints. Doing this will give you the boost for adding not typical examples.

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If creative ideas don't come to your mind, it may be easier to change the topic, and choose a more intriguing one. Try to put yourself in the reader's shoes and decide whether you will be interested. If you have received the task with exact exemplification essay topics, and they can't be changed, go back to the first tip discussed here: boost your creativity.

Brainstorm to find examples

When you have written a catching introduction, move on to the main body. Before writing it, take a sheet of paper and start brainstorming. The best ideas come to mind spontaneously. Draw your topic in the middle or at the top of the page, and begin writing down any thoughts about it. Don't discard even the craziest ideas; write down everything that arises in your creative mind. You can brainstorm for 3-5 minutes, and then start choosing the best notes. Brainstorming method will help you to find interesting instances without doing any thorough research.

Add connections between examples

To make your exemplification examples relevant to the topic you discuss, add symbolic connections. They should integrate the main emotional message of the essay and your thesis statement. Let's say you need to write about the negative influence of the Internet on interpersonal relationships. Don't write the story about how you got your first computer and then about how you like to speak via Skype with friends living abroad. If you have decided to persuade readers that Internet has a negative impact, you may mention the advantages but don't give lots of instances about them. Include the opposing viewpoint but make your examples connected to the main idea which you aim to prove. You will see sample outline further in this article.

Prepare an outline

When students start to define exemplification essay, they understand that it requires a typical structure: it should be organized logically. Unless you can create outline in mind, it's better to make a draft of the essay in a written form. As you may use various exemplification essay examples, an outline will help you to anticipate how to choose the right order for your instances.

General structure of exemplification essay

  1. Introduction (hook sentence, background information on the topic, thesis statement).
  2. Main body: (topic sentences for each new paragraph; two-three instances; transition sentences which connect the end and beginning of two paragraphs).
  3. Conclusion (restating the thesis; summarizing the essay).

Sample Outline for Exemplification Essay

If you write about the technological impact and want to make a balanced exemplification essay, outline may look the following way:

Topic: Negative influence of the Internet on interpersonal communication.

Heading: Does Internet make us strangers to each other?

  1. Introduction:

- Hook sentence: Do you have many friends on Facebook, but you feel that whenever you need real help, there is no one to ask?

- Developing the topic (World Wide Web creates illusion of having friends online).

- Thesis statement: Although Internet has made our world globally connected, sometimes people feel there lonely, abandoned.

  1. Main body:
  • Body Paragraph 1:

- Main idea: People should acknowledge positive aspects of Internet.

- Example: People have friends abroad and can communicate whenever they want to.

  • Body Paragraph 2:

- Main idea: People who leave alone see many happy couples on the posted photos, and this makes them feel miserable leading to depression.

- Example: Japan has the highest rate of suicides because its residents feel lonely, although this country is one of the most developed in technological sphere.

  • Body Paragraph 3:

- Main idea: People focus on virtual reality, public opinion instead of real-life emotions, feelings.

- Example: While traveling people waste time making ideal "Instagram photos" instead of experiencing the genuine emotions with people they travel.

  1. Conclusion:

- Restating the thesis;

- Philosophical summary: Internet is an incredible advancement, but as long as people take the online life too close to heart it may have a seriously deleterious effect on their psychological well-being and interpersonal relationship with the nearest and dearest.

This sample of the outline is already an organized plan for the writer. It has a clear structure, chosen examples, several prepared sentences. The only thing left is to write the essay. With such a detailed outline, writing will be quicker and more logical in terms of transmitting the necessary emotional message.

If you organize your composition well, add examples which are relevant and connected with each other, your text will be interesting to read. Keep in mind that your main aim in this type of writing is to make your idea understandable and clear for readers. You can be philosophical in introduction, conclusion but be specific in the main body where you use examples. As long as readers understand the relation of your theme to the real life, your essay will be exemplary.

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