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How to Start Write Dialogue in an Essay with a Quote?

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Lots of students have difficulties in beginning their creative writing papers. It is no wonder because gripping hook sentences attract reader's attention at the very beginning. Some of you may think about starting with an interesting dialogue. But how to start an essay with a quote and how to do it perfectly well? Let's find it out.

What is Dialogue?

Dialogue is a conversation between two people written in the form of quotes. It can be taken from the real talk between men, from movies, videos, or books. Each phrase said by one person begins with dash and starts with new paragraph. You should start and end each phrase with quotation marks. You will find examples of such phrases at the end of this article.

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How to Start Write Dialogue in an Essay with a Quote?

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Is dialogue a good beginning?

The beginning of the essay is like the first impression which can never be changed. When people start reading, it takes only a few seconds to decide whether the text is boring or interesting. Haven't you ever chosen the book in the shop or library by its introductory sentences? That's how it works with essays as well.

Beginning an essay with phrases has some advantages. The most significant one is that you make your text personalized, and readers will subconsciously feel sympathy towards the characters. A very general introduction is suitable for academic writing but not for creative.

How to find good dialogue?

After you have decided on the topic of your essay, you may start thinking about interesting dialogue. The most important rule is to make it logical and relevant. It should have the same emotional content as the whole message of the text. It's perfect if you refer to the introduction at the end of the paper. It will create logical framing making a stronger emotional effect on readers.

Think about the audience which is going to read your work. Will the readers understand the meaning? Will it be clear at once or require specific background knowledge? It mostly refers to jokes which may be used as conversation between two people. Be careful in using funny stories because humor can be perceived differently.

If the quotes are taken out of the context and require further explanation, it's better to find something else. You won't have time to write who the speakers were, why, and when they said those sentences. Everything should be understood at once, and the audience shouldn't perceive it ambiguously. You may add some comments about speakers or refer to the source; just don't make it very explanatory.

What are the examples of dialogue?

Beginning with dialogue is a special technique which won't be suitable for each type of the essay. It's a good start for a fantastic story, an essay about realistic events with emotional messages.

Here is the example of adding a part of conversation which can be used in the essay at the beginning. The essay will cover the theme of war and its negative impacts on the society and individuals.

- "Please, don't do this! Will you ever come back?"

- "Sorry, dear, it is my duty, I have to protect our country from enemies."

These are the last words which I remember said by my brother. When the civil war broke out, he decided to go to the army although he was only 15...

As you see, the mentioned above dialogue doesn't require lots of explanation. The target audience of the essay is adults, and the emotional message is connected with postwar depression, sadness, devastation. After this, the writer can continue talking about the general influence of wars. In the end, it's a good idea to refer to the personal story again. This technique will make the essay look "closed up," creating a logical frame.

Beginning the essay with a dialogue can be difficult, and this technique requires creative thinking. If you manage to find or make up your own perfectly fitting quotes, it will grasp the readers' attention at once.

Remember. This is just a sample.
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