How to Start Write Dialogue in an Essay with a Quote?

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Lots of students have difficulties in beginning their creative writing papers. It is no wonder because gripping hook sentences attract reader's attention at the very beginning. Some of you may think about starting with an interesting dialogue. But how to start an essay with a quote and how to do it perfectly well? Let's find it out.

What is Dialogue?

Dialogue is a conversation between two people written in the form of quotes. It can be taken from the real talk between men, from movies, videos, or books. Each phrase said by one person begins with dash and starts with new paragraph. You should start and end each phrase with quotation marks. You will find examples of such phrases at the end of this article.

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Is dialogue a good beginning?

The beginning of the essay is like the first impression which can never be changed. When people start reading, it takes only a few seconds to decide whether the text is boring or interesting. Haven't you ever chosen the book in the shop or library by its introductory sentences? That's how it works with essays as well.

Beginning an essay with phrases has some advantages. The most significant one is that you make your text personalized, and readers will subconsciously feel sympathy towards the characters. A very general introduction is suitable for academic writing but not for creative.

How to find good dialogue?

After you have decided on the topic of your essay, you may start thinking about interesting dialogue. The most important rule is to make it logical and relevant. It should have the same emotional content as the whole message of the text. It's perfect if you refer to the introduction at the end of the paper. It will create logical framing making a stronger emotional effect on readers.

Think about the audience which is going to read your work. Will the readers understand the meaning? Will it be clear at once or require specific background knowledge? It mostly refers to jokes which may be used as conversation between two people. Be careful in using funny stories because humor can be perceived differently.

If the quotes are taken out of the context and require further explanation, it's better to find something else. You won't have time to write who the speakers were, why, and when they said those sentences. Everything should be understood at once, and the audience shouldn't perceive it ambiguously. You may add some comments about speakers or refer to the source; just don't make it very explanatory.

What are the examples of dialogue?

Beginning with dialogue is a special technique which won't be suitable for each type of the essay. It's a good start for a fantastic story, an essay about realistic events with emotional messages.

Here is the example of adding a part of conversation which can be used in the essay at the beginning. The essay will cover the theme of war and its negative impacts on the society and individuals.

- "Please, don't do this! Will you ever come back?"

- "Sorry, dear, it is my duty, I have to protect our country from enemies."

These are the last words which I remember said by my brother. When the civil war broke out, he decided to go to the army although he was only 15...

As you see, the mentioned above dialogue doesn't require lots of explanation. The target audience of the essay is adults, and the emotional message is connected with postwar depression, sadness, devastation. After this, the writer can continue talking about the general influence of wars. In the end, it's a good idea to refer to the personal story again. This technique will make the essay look "closed up," creating a logical frame.

Beginning the essay with a dialogue can be difficult, and this technique requires creative thinking. If you manage to find or make up your own perfectly fitting quotes, it will grasp the readers' attention at once.

Six Examples Of Essays About Newspaper in English

Newspaper is a set of large sheets containing printed news, stories, information, articles, advertisements, etc. It plays a great role in keeping us up-to-date on events nearby as well as from across the borders. Newspaper is a collection of news from all over the world which keeps us up-to-date about everything significant going outside our houses. We should practice news reading on daily basis. It is a good habit as it improves your general knowledge and makes you aware of your country’s economical, social and political issues.

You can encourage your kids and children for reading newspaper and enhance their knowledge. It will also make them familiar with the politics, social structure, and geography of their country. Newspaper reading is some of those hobbies which could be performed almost anywhere and has no side effects at all.

Long and Short Essay on Newspaper in English

We have provided some simple and easy, long and short essay on newspaper in English, for the students.

These English Essay on Newspaper will let you admire the usefulness of newspapers and their significance in keeping people informed, safe and united.

You can use these newspaper essay in your school assignments or essay writing, debate, competitions.

Newspaper Essay 1 (100 words)

Now-a-days, it is difficult to imagine the life without newspaper. It is the first and foremost thing everyone looks for every morning. It helps us a lot by keeping us up-to-date about every news of all over the world. It let us know what is going on in the society, country and world. Newspaper brings us each and every news and views to us from every corner of the world. Newspaper brings information about businessmen, politician, social issues, unemployed people, sports, games, international news, kids, science, education, medicine, celebrities, fairs, festivals, technologies, etc. It helps us in widening our knowledge, skill, and technical awareness.

Newspaper Essay 2 (150 words)

In the modern era, the revolution of newspapers has been spread to the whole country. Now-a-days, everyone has become much conscious about their knowledge. It is a good habit to read newspaper on daily basis. We all should practice to read newspaper in our daily lives. It let us know about the latest trends and traditions. It helps us by telling about the schools, colleges, courts, politics, offices, hotels, restaurants and other things new in the markets.

Newspaper is a most important thing used by everyone (rich or poor) of any religion, caste or creed. It helps us a lot in preparing our school projects and home works. It let us know about new researches, new technologies, all the high and low of the market and so many things. There are many types of newspaper and magazines according to their brand and subscription.

Newspaper Essay 3 (200 words)

Now-a-days the newspaper has been a necessity of the life. It is available in the market in almost all languages. A newspaper is a publication of the news which gets printed on the paper and distributed to everyone at their home. Different countries have their own news publication agencies. Newspaper gives us all about what is happening in our own country as well as whole world. We let us know exact information related to the topic of sports, politics, religion, society, economy, film industries, movies, food, employment etc.

Earlier, newspapers were published with only news details however, currently it contains news and views about various subject almost everything. Various newspaper in market costs differently according to their news details and popularity in the area. The newspapers having current daily affairs are printed daily however of them gets printed twice a week, once a week or once a month.

Newspapers serve more than one purposes according to the need and requirement of the people. Newspapers are very effective and powerful give all information at one place from all over the world. In comparison to the information it gives, it costs very less. It keeps us well informed about all the happenings in our surrounding.

Newspaper Essay 4 (250 words)

The newspaper is very important thing in these days. It is first and foremost thing of everyone to start the day. It is better to start our day by filling our mind with fresh news and information. It makes us confident and helps in improving our personality. First of all in the morning it greets every member of the family with bulk of information. As a citizen of the country, we are fully responsible to know all the pros and cons going in the country or other countries. It informs us about the current affairs of the politics, sports, business, industries, etc. It also informs us about the personal affairs of the Bollywood and business personalities.

Newspaper let us know about cultures, traditions, arts, classical dance, etc. In such a modern time when everyone does not have time to know about things other than their job, it let us know about days and dates of the fairs, festival, occasions, cultural events, etc. It is a collection of news as well as interesting things about the society, education, future, motivational messages and topics, etc so, it never bore us. It always stimulates and excites us to about everything in the world through its interesting topics.

In the modern time, when everyone is so busy in his/her daily life, it is hardly possible for them to get any idea or knowledge about the outer world so newspaper is the best option to remove such weakness. It gives us a vast knowledge in just 15 mins or half an hour. It is beneficial for persons of all fields as it contains knowledge for everyone like students, businessmen, politicians, sportsperson, teachers, industrialists, etc.

Newspaper Essay 5 (300 words)

Newspaper comes to us every morning and I feel better having newspaper with a hot cup of tea in my balcony. Day by day, the newspaper is getting popularity in every area whether backward or forward because of the increasing importance of it. People in the society are getting more conscious about their knowledge level and current affairs of the country especially politics and Bollywood. Newspaper reading is best activity for the students as it gives general knowledge about everything. It helps them to beat any technical and competitive exams for the government job or non-government jobs.

Reading news paper is very interesting job. If one becomes used to of this, he/she never drop reading newspaper. It is good for the students as it inspires us to speak English fluently with correct accent. Newspapers are becoming popular in the backwards areas of the country. People speaking any language can read newspaper as it is available in languages like Hindi, English, Urdu, etc according to the regions. Newspaper is of great importance to all of us because it brings tons of news to us from all across the world.

News is first and foremost interest and charm for us. Without newspaper and news, we are nothing and just like a fish without water. India is a democratic country where public rules its own country so it is must for them to know about each and every activities in the politics.

In the modern technological world where everything depends on the high technology, news is also available on the computer and internet. Using internet, we can get all the information about world. Newspaper is the best way to enhance awareness about any social issues among common public. It is the best way of communication between government of the country and its public.

Newspaper Essay 6 (400 words)

Newspaper is a powerful tool which enhances confidence and personality of the person. It is a best means of communication between the outer world and people. It is most important medium of knowledge. It is a good source of getting more knowledge and information as well as enhancing skill level. It is available in all the regions at very low cost. We can have an easy access to any newspaper. We just need to contact any newspaper and subscribe it. It is published in various languages of the country. In the early morning everyone waits for the newspaper with full courage.

Newspaper has affected positively the people in society. Everyone has become interested in knowing the current affairs of the country. Newspaper is a best link of the knowledge between government and people. It gives people every big and small detail about the whole world. It makes people well aware about their rules, regulations and rights in the country. Newspapers are of great importance for the students especially as it gives them lots of general knowledge and current affairs of national and international level. It gives us information about all the happenings, developments, new technology, research, astrology, seasonal changes, natural calamities, etc.

Newspaper also contains fine articles on social issues, humanity, cultures, traditions, arts of living, meditation, yoga, etc. It contains information about common public views and helps in solving various social and economical issues. Using this can know about politicians, reviews about them, certain governmental policies including other political parties. It helps job seekers in search new jobs, students to get admitted to best school, businessmen to know about current and important business activities, current trends of the market, new strategies, etc.

Newspapers help us a lot if we make the habit of reading it on daily basis. It develops reading habits, improve our accent and let us know everything about outside. Some people are highly used to of reading this newspaper in the morning. They become very restless in the absence of newspaper and feel whole day that something has missed. Students preparing to appear in the competitive exams regularly read newspapers to keep their mind up-to-date about current affairs. Newspaper contains bulk of information under attractive headings according to everyone’s choice so no one can be bored. We should continue reading variety of newspapers and motivate other family members and friends also to read newspaper.

Television Does More Harm Than Good

When the TV was invented, it impressed the whole world, so everyone since then seeks to buy a one. In the past TV was only has less than ten channels and it were locked in the latest hours of night. But now there is thousands or millions of satellite channels are broadcasted on TV. As a result the number of TV owners has risen until 98% of American households have a TV set and the same is true of most developed countries.

In fact, television channels should be boycotted by the public because most of these channels broadcast valueless programs and sometimes telecast programs that have a negative effect on the spectator and society, so television does more harm than good. Supporter of television argue that TV plays an important role in the educational field by presenting science, geography, history and news programs. It also presents useful programs for children like "Sesame Street".

However TV viewing is essentially a passive activity that discourage critical thinking as it shows one side of view and does not show the other opposing views, so this makes people use to fanatic for their opinions and do not listen to other points of view. As a result of continuous actions the watcher does not have much time to think of what he watch, so most viewers especially children watch television indiscriminately. Unfortunately this matter does not stop on that, there is a research suggests that TV can slow down young children's speech development.

There is a link between literacy problems and frequent TV viewing; similarly there is a link between TV and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Those in favor of TV claim that, it is an innocent form of entertainment, especially for housebound elderly people and the physically handicapped. On the other hand television interferes with conversation, for example visitors often end up staring at "the box in the corner" instead of programs that spread fear and depression by focusing on violence, war, crime and various disasters.

There is some evidence that seeing on-screen violence makes us less sensitive to the real thing. Proponents of TV sometimes suggest that TV makes the world a small village as it closes the gap between different nations and cultures, for example satellite TV news reaches people simultaneously all around the world, as result cultures approached from each other, so the understanding and respect rose between them.

However the satellite channels are controlled by powerful western corporations and the culture of the programs is predominantly North America, European or Australian, so they service the interests of these corporations, as a result of that there is not an equal sharing of information, opinions or cultural expressions. Television is often used as a propaganda tool way to enter everyone's home and brain, so the powerful western corporations used it in a very subtle way to encourage materialism by developing a desire in developing countries for Coca-Cola, Big Macs, fast cars and western fashion.

In conclusion, television has become a tool in the hand of the western world by which they can control the rest world, so everyone should stop for seconds before switching on a TV and think of what he is coming to do, he must deduce that TV viewing accelerate the process of "Coca-colonization", destroys the art of conversation, healthy, optimistic view of life and turns people into unthinking, illiterate "couch potatoes". Just a drug addict must be fought in order to avoid an early death, so the world must switch off its TVs if it wishes to produce active and intelligent citizens.

What Is a Good Salesperson

A good salesperson is someone that can think on its feet (respond quickly with satisfying answers) and has the skills to deliver a message that is just right (not too elaborate and not too shallow). Basically, a good salesperson should be able to baffle someone with information; it should be able to knock someone of its feet leaving that person to wonder about his current ways. In the extent of what has been proposed by Dixon and Toman (2012) good salespeople should be able to create instability in the customers mind, removing it from its comfort zone and creating a state of confusion.

If a sales person can create a state of confusion and provide the tools to alleviate this mind state of the consumer, it becomes quite possible for the salesperson to convince the consumer into buying the product offered by the sales rep. Therefore a good sales rep is able to contrive consciousness about prospective problems and with that lead the customer to an epiphany about how to solve these problems on mutually beneficial grounds.

In order to achieve these things it is a prerequisite for a sales rep to have a set amount of skills amongst which for example: sagacity (acumen), distinctness, relationship management and needs assessment. However, there are three (not two) skills in particular that are most essential for salespeople to succeed in any sales environment: Uniqueness in perspective, debate and tangibilization.

Uniqueness in perspective: Salespeople should be able to offer new perspectives that were unexpected which makes it far more difficult for the customer to debate on the subject and far easier for the sales rep to radiate expertise. Furthermore, these new perspectives help in destabilizing the customer’s position making him subjective to education for new solutions. Debate: Debate entails the ability to fine tune your argumentation rather than to overpower someone with arguments. In other words, debate is about challenging the consumer rather than overruling it.

As soon as the customer is destabilized it is necessary for the sales rep to create awareness and conviction which means that the sales rep should try to instigate the customer to really believe that he has a problem and the salesperson’s product is the only solution. It is important that the consumer is not overpowered by arguments but naturally finds its way to the proposed solution. Therefore the sales rep does not tell the consumer what to do it just pushes it in the right direction so that it will eventually make its wn decision. Tangibilization: Salespeople often subject themselves to ill-designed efforts to communicate the intangible benefits of their service offerings, making the service benefits less rather than more apparent. A good sales rep should have the ability to make any concept understandable and “tangible” without using any tangible props, this is the key in educating the customer. In the end all these traits have one thing in common: the ability to read and anticipate the customer and its point of view. .

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on How to Start Write Dialogue in an Essay with a Quote?

How do you write dialogue quotes in an essay?
When writing dialogue quotes in an essay, it is important to enclose the dialogue in quotation marks and to properly cite the source. Additionally, it is important to introduce the speaker before the dialogue and to use proper punctuation when writing the dialogue.
How do you introduce a quote with dialogue?
When introducing a quote with dialogue, it is important to provide context for the quote. This can be done by introducing the speaker, their relationship to the subject, and the situation in which the quote was said. For example, "John, the CEO of the company, said 'We are excited to move forward with this project.'"
How do you start a sentence with a quote in an essay?
When introducing a quote in an essay, it is important to provide context for the quote so that the reader understands its relevance. To start a sentence with a quote, simply include the quote within quotation marks and follow it with a comma. For example, "The power of words is undeniable," she said.
How do you start dialogue in an essay?
When introducing dialogue in an essay, it is important to start with a quote or a conversation between two characters. Make sure to introduce the characters and provide context for the dialogue. Additionally, use proper punctuation and formatting to ensure the dialogue is clear and easy to follow.

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