How to Plan for a Listening and Speaking Lesson

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How to plan For a Listening Skill Lesson Teacher | Observer | Date | Lesson number | Class level Elementary| Number of students| Timetable fit| Previous lesson: Reading and speaking skillThis lesson: Listening and speaking skillNext lesson: Listening and speaking skill| for the teacher)| To provide an engaging lessons for students and improving their listening skill. * To monitor closely and make sure the lesson is successful. | Objectives (for the students)| By the end of the lesson the students will: 1) Have practiced listening for gist of a radio program. 2) Have learnt the vocabulary related to professions/jobs.

Language AnalysisForm Meaning PronunciationLexis in text Guess (v, present simple) supposeQuiz (n, sing) a test of knowledgeTeam (n, a group of playersUnemployed (v, past) Writer (n, sing)Guest (n, sing) a person who is invited to take part in a function by other personDepends (v, simple present) relyUniform (n, sing)Special qualifications (special= adjective, qualifications = noun, pl)A lot of (phrase) manyActor (n, sing) role player in drama or filmProfessional (adj) a person who has a professionFootballer (n, sing) who plays footballDo you work…? Where? When? How? Topic vocabularyJobs/professions| Assumed knowledge| The students know about different professions like doctor, footballer, and artist. They also know the difference between profession and hobby. | Anticipated problems | 1) This is a radio program some students may not understand it. Students may want to repeat it. 2) Weaker student may not understand the phrases and some of the vocabulary. 3) This can prevent them from completing the comprehension tasks. Solutions| 1. Check elicit before students listen. 2. Include review of vocabulary at the beginning. | Materials | Radio program: Guess the jobFlash cards/pictures of various people doing different jobsOther handouts: (comprehension Qs) – teacher’s own| | Interaction| Procedure| Rationale| 7 mins4 mins3 mins4mins| T-SS-ST-SST-S(pairs/triplets)| 1. Context setT elicits vocabulary related to jobs using picture. Drill if required. A) Where do people work? B) How do they work? When do they work? What kind of information you need to find out what is somebody’s job. Feedback- Pre-teach guess, Quiz, a lot of, unemployed, special qualifications. 2.

Prediction taskStudents look at the picture and a) say what they can see and b) what is going on in the program. Feedback- teacher clarifies/elicits and write a brief summary on the board. | To motivate the students so that they take part in the lesson. To prepare the students for what is coming up. | Lesson Content Timing| Interaction| Procedure| Rationale| 3 mins3 mins3 mins 3 mins | SS-Ss-sT-SS| 3. 1st Listening (gist)Students listen to the program and tell whether they recognized the vocabulary. Did they find program what they have guessed before similar to the written on the board? Task- students write the answers in y/n on the handouts. Check with the partner. Feedback-check as class. | To know that the students have understood the program. |

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