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A detailed lesson plan in speech communication

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Can you tell me some of the principles and what It means? Raise your hand If you want to answer. Good! What else? I could sense that you have listen intently on the lesson, do you have any questions Let's proceed to the next topic. B. MOTIVATION The people on the right side would be group A and the people on the left side would be group B. Then you have to pick 10 volunteers on each group who would participate on our activity. The 10 people are going to play the "Telephone game" are you familiar with this game? Yes, that's correct.

You should form a straight line and then face the opposite side of your opponent, then the person at the end of the line would whisper a quote and you loud whisper it to the person in front of you until it reaches the person at the beginning of the line and that person would write the message he was told. You can create a strategy of your own as long as it is honest and take note this is a whispering game that is why it should be done quietly, also it should be perfectly copied meaning spelling and punctuations should be regarded. Any group which violates the rules by cheating will be disqualified.

However, listening is different from hearing; can anyone tell me what the difference is? Very well said. Hearing is the process in which sound waves strike the eardrum and cause vibrations that are transmitted to the brain while listening occurs when the brain reconstructs these electrochemical impulses into a representation of the original sound and gives them meaning. So your classmates is right when he said that listening is that your paying attention or giving your complete attention to someone. This is not natural so we have to exert effort and time to master it.

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But it's different sometimes we have "selective hearing" when Mom would yell and say, "throw the garbage. " You can't hear but even with a soft voice she would say, "do you want some boon? O can hear it right away. 0 Someone said that to be a good communicator you must first be a good listener. Also, if you would form another word from listen what word would it be that has something to do when you listen? (fly 2nd airplane) Any idea about that? That's right! When we use the name of that someone it helps us remember it and shows that we are interested with that person. Fly the 3rd airplane) What does that mean to you? Yes, do not go around the bush wasting precious time. You must remember that time is valuable and if you have to say something important you should say it concisely and clearly. Go straight to the point and if ever you commit a mistake don't make excuses but be willing to admit it. What are the first 3 steps to effective communication? So far so good. (4th airplane) Meaning? Correct! Isn't it one of the steps is listening you should know when to listen and when to speak. Communication is a two-way street.

Usually this happens when we get too excited to share a similar experience with a friend that we do not really listen to what he is saying. In addition, when one of our friend has a problem and shares it with us, our minds get busy thinking for a solution to that problem without realizing we do to really listen to that friend. (fly 5th airplane) Great! When we talk with someone we should not stare but keep an eye-contact which shows confidence. Keep in mind that 95% of our communication is non-verbal that is why we should also be careful with this aspect as it may send the wrong message to someone. Throw 6th airplane) These are "fillers" such as "Uh," "mum," which are unnecessary when we talk. We should also be careful with this because we might bore our listener and send the message that we are not sure of what we are talking about, So what are the 6 steps to effective communication? This is important meaning rapport or harmonious relationship with our audience or listener. When we create an atmosphere of openness it's like an invitation wherein your listener would feel at ease and that they would not feel threatened or awkward with you.

As the speaker, you should also consider ways to prevent interruptions and be sensitive with it to understand the listener. Do you want to add something else? So what are the 7 steps to effective communication? Cool!! E. APPLICATION Now, let me have the box Vive passed around. I would pick 4 names and those people would go outside the room. Ready? To the group inside the classroom, Just respond to the person who would come inside the room depending on the paper I would post before the participant would strike a conversation.

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A detailed  lesson plan in speech communication essay

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