A Detailed Lesson Plan in Mathematics V by: Quinee Mae B. Tumaliuan

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A DETAILED LESSON PLAN IN MATHEMATICS V I. Objectives A. Visualize, identify and describe 3-4 sided polygons B. Draw 3-4 sided polygons C. Identify different geometric figures D. Observe patience and discipline in doing assigned works E. Work cooperatively and collaboratively in all activities II. Subject Matter Topic: Visualizing 3-4-Sided Polygons Reference: BEC-PELC III. 1 Materials: manila paper, cartolina, marker, cut-outs of polygons Strategy: Interactive Teaching Strategy Values: Patience, Cooperation and Discipline III. Procedure

Teacher’s ActivityPupils’ Activity A. Preparation Good morning class! Good morning ma’am! B. Review (Socialized Recitation) Identify the following geometric figures 1. point? 2. line segment ? ? 3. ray 4. parallel lines 5. intersecting lines 6. perpendicular lines 7. right angle 8. acute angle 9. obtuse angle 10. polygon C. Presentation What is the figure below? A figure of a man What particular geometricpolygons figure is used to represent the body parts? What polygons can you seerhombus, rectangle, in this picture? trapezoid, triangle arallelogram, square The class will be divided into 4 groups Each group will be given envelopes containing polygons and activity card. They will follow the instructions that were written in the activity cards. Activity card: B. Separate the 3-sided polygons from that of the 4-sided polygons. C. Number the polygons separately as 1, 2, 3, etc. D. Measure the length of the sides of the numbered polygons. E. Record the data F. Tell something about the polygons based from the data. G. Discuss you observations among the group. D. Discussion What do we call 3-sided olygons? triangles What are the kinds ofequilateral, isosceles, polygons according to sides? and scalene Who can draw and describe each triangle? What are the kinds of anglesobtuse, right and according to angles? acute triangle What do we call 4-sided polygons? quadrilaterals What are the differentrectangle, square, kinds of quadrilaterals? rhombus, parallelogram and trapezoid Who can draw and describe(pupils answer) each type of quadrilateral? E. Generalization Three-sided polygons are called triangles Kinds of triangle according to sides: 1.

Equilateral triangle- three sides are equal or congruent 2. Isosceles triangle-two sides are congruent 3. Scalene-no two sides are congruent Kinds of triangle according to angles: 1. Obtuse triangle-one angle is obtuse 2. Right triangle-one angle is right 3. Acute triangle-three sides are all acute Four-sided polygons are called quadrilaterals 1. Rectangle- has two pairs of equal opposite sides and it has four right angles 2. Square- all sides are equal and it has four right angles 3. Rhombus- has four equal sides 4. Parallelogram- has both pairs of opposite sides parallel . Trapezoid- it has one pair of opposite sides parallel IV. Application Name each triangle and write if it is equilateral, isosceles or scalene. 1. 2. 2cm4cm 3cm3cm 6cm 3cm 3. 10cm 4. 4cm 4cm 6cm 8cm 2cm Name each triangle and write if it is acute, right or obtuse. 4550 5. 6. 45 40 7. 22 8. 30 28 50 130 100 Encircle the correct name to identify each quadrilateral 1. Trapezoid Rectangle 2. Square Trapezoid 3. Rectangle Parallelogram 4. Rhombus Square 5. Parallelogrsam Trapezoid V. Evaluation Match column A with column B Column AColumn B 2.

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It has four equal sidesa. trapezoid 3. Three sides are congruentb. parallelogram 4. A 3-sided polygon with twoc. equilateral triangle 5. sides equal 6. A 4-sided polygon with oned. isosceles triangle pair of parallel sides 7. A 4-sided polygon with twoe. rectangle pairs of parallel sidesf. square VI. Assignment Draw the following polygons and assign a corresponding measurement for each sides or angles. 1. equilateral triangle 2. square 3. trapezoid 4. rectangle 5. rhombus 6. scalene triangle 7. right triangle 8. parallelogram 9. acute triangle 10. isosceles triangle

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