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Shakespeare's way of writing stunned many people for decades and still to this day; we haven't fully grasped how powerful and how significant his writing style is. Many directors have pounced upon Shakespeare's plays to convert his excellence into a visual perspective that abuses all techniques conjured by the great man himself.

The hall is full of people in their costumes, sipping their drinks intently and socializing; the mood is suddenly broken by a loud voice, 'silence! ' people immediately bring their talking to a halt and look up in respect. Capulet, Juliet and other members of the house are perched atop a balcony looking down on the guests below to show superiority while also standing in a pyramid formation with Capulet at the front as I want show a hierarchy of power within the Capulet's.

When Capulet continues to speak I want the camera to flick from the crowd to his bellowing mouth to capture the force he applies to his voice, Capulet should stand very up-right with his head held high and clasped hand's behind his back to portray his very formal and disciplined nature. Half way through, Capulet's welcome speech is interrupted by the music starting to play followed by the dancing of the crowd due to the encouragement of the music, at this point the camera should flick to a birds-eye-view of the guests then to a long shot of the hall to capture the excitement.

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Capulet's anger builds as he try's to restore order without succession, meanwhile Juliet and other members bury their faces in their hands at the whole ordeal, finally Capulet gives up and storms back to join the crowd along with the camera closely following behind his shoulders, his little tantrum triggers a ripple of laughter throughout the contented guests, the other Capulet's soon follow suit.

After a few cut scenes of the guest's dancing; the camera flicks to Romeo wading his way through the crowd like a lost puppy, anxiously moving and depicting how he is an outsider to these people but is stopped in his tracks as he first lays eyes upon Juliet through a thin, porous, red curtain. The red symbolically representing passion and love and with it being in-between them; shows that it's making connection between them.

His shoulders relax, his eyes blink incessantly and his anxiety goes away as he just stands there and watches while slow and romantic music plays throughout the hall, the camera then goes into an over the shoulder shot of Juliet on the other side of the red curtain showing her fiddling with a ring, then to look up and see Romeo slowly walking towards her, for a brief moment she blushes and let's out a long shaky breath.

She then turns and walks away showing that she isn't that easy; Romeo then follows her like a dog on heat, Juliet weaves in and out of people and puts obstacles in-between her and Romeo to tease and test him to weigh if he is worthy or not, meanwhile the camera follows and focuses on them from a long shot as they move and talk. Finally she stops teasing him and he asks her for a dance, she flutters her eye lashes and reluctantly accepts as she takes his hand and they both slowly dance under dim glow of the hall.

After a few short shots of the two of them dancing the camera changes to a shot that is filled by dark eyes and brow; the guests including Romeo can be seen in the reflection of his eyes, after a few second's the eyebrows slowly turn into a deep frown shortly followed by a deep and enraged voice as he spits out words to Capulet; asking for consent to stir up trouble with Romeo.

The camera zooms out quickly to show the whole of Tybalt in a very stylish and slick tuxedo along with finely polished shoes, the corner of the hall where he is situated is darker in contrast to its merry surroundings; this is to immediately imply that this man is the evil one as that's the symbolic notion of darkness. Then I want the camera to focus on a candle up-close, with Tybalt and Capulet blurred out in the background, the flame should flicker when Tybalt speaks violently to show that he is almost connecting with evil and his anger is being expressed through the flame; further showing his wickedness.

Capulet is gleefully clapping to the music and telling Tybalt in a firm voice, to restrain himself and leave the Montague alone, to not ruin this great day, Tybalt storms off back upstairs leaving behind strong grunt of frustration to the incapability of creating a fight with the enemy Montague, as he leaves, I want the camera to go back to the candle and as the shadow that is Tybalt slowly leaves; the flickering flame also slowly subsides to a still.

After Romeo and Juliet's dance, they sit down on a nearby red sofa, Yet again red symbolising a deep connection of passion. They talk to each other romantically with the camera circling them slowly; Romeo then takes Juliet's hand and speaks in a very smooth and gentle voice. Juliet then leans closer to his face and they both kiss while harmonious music plays throughout the hall, as they kiss, the camera blurs out all the other people around them so only Romeo and Juliet are clearly presented in the shot and how they are so indulged and oblivious to the world around them.

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