Speaking and Listening on Charity Appeals

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Starter: there are many different types of charity appeals most of which we have been exposed to time and time again. Here is a sample charity appeal that we have written and we would like you to say what you think about it Q and A questions: -What was affective about this appeal -What was not so affective -Overall what do you think is better a speech spoken orally or on a tv or radio Appeal follow up: if it is tv – then say personally I think that)In general charity appeals that are spoken orally, like the one i just read out are better because they are more inviting and encouraging to the audience; whereas other more visual ones are harsher with the audience. also people tend to take in more when a person is actually speaking to them face to face as it isn’t as manufactured as the visual appeals. It is straight to the point and even more truthful also the audience can actually feel the emotion coming from the appeal instead of just staring at a TV.

General intro: There is no denying that charity appeals, oral or on the television are effective. But really, how effective are they? Do they have an effect on us? Or are we just immune to them? Well, in my personal opinion, I think that Charity appeals do have an effect on us. When we see a charity appeal on television we feel upset or distraught by the images shown and the content. They get the message across very clearly.

The general message in a charity appeal is “People in the western world are very well off, then there are the extremely poor people in poor countries who do not have water or cannot even feed their children” A message like this makes the reader feel guilty and will make them pick that phone up and donate money to these countries. An image of a disastrous earthquake will make the viewer feel upset, however sometimes an image of a man with a tear streaming down his sombre face.

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Against Although there are many obvious pros to charity appeals there are some negatives that are closely followed by. One main reason is that they are too repetitive, and can become tedious watching the same advert all the time. So in essence people don’t tend to notice them anymore. Also many people have just resorted to changing the channel, because of the appeal being something they’ve seen one too many times or it being too long and dreary.

Another thing is that there is now so many charities that nearly every appeal that you hear follows the same obvious message but with a different name at the beginning of it. Likewise some appeals are just too upsetting sure this may create an impact on the viewer but there is a line between evoking some sort of emotion and becoming totally despondent and disheartened in this already depressing world we live In. nother aspect of this is that the charity appeals can be too accessible to younger children in terms of the tv, radio or internet. This may cause the child to become seriously affected by an especially depressing appeal. to children the world is a perfect place so why should charity appeals burst the bubble they live in. Also By having so many charities claiming that they are helping the world tends to make you wonder why hasn’t anything big been achieved yet shouldn’t something like world starvation been sorted out yet?

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