How to Plan a Party: An Informative Essay

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Everyone loves parties, but there's a difference between going to one and actually hosting one. If you're going to throw a party you better have these 5 steps in the back of your head if you want you and guests to have an awesome time. What are the 5 steps you ask...?

  1. Figure out the Logistics,
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  3. Decide on a guest list,
  4. Plan the drinks and music,
  5. Decorate, and
  6. Drunk-proof your house. If you can get these steps, you've got a popping party ahead of you.

When I say figuring out the logistics I mean setting the time, the date, and the place you'll be hosting your party. Try and give your guests at least a weeks' notice for best results for you and your guests. You'll have more time to plan and get a head count of who can make it. Make sure you actually invite your guests, and not have people spread the word for you. You should invite your guests by creating a Facebook event or individually texting them. Make sure you give out when and where the party is. The best suggestion of where to throw a party is in your home. Make sure you write an address somewhere. Don't just assume everyone knows where you live.

Deciding on a guest list can be the most difficult. Usually you would want to have every person you could think of. Because "hey the more the merrier". But you have to consider where the party is hosted, and how many people can fit into that area. You don't want everyone to be touching each other, it can make things awkward and also uncomfortable, and it will definitely get hot. Also, Think of every person you invite has a $ sign on their head .and realize that he/she will be drinking and eating. Therefore if you're on a budget, don't over invite if you can't afford to have that many drinks and food. But if you're not on a budget, I would still recommend inviting as many people that can comfortably fit into the space provided. Make sure your guests understand that it's an invite only, because things can get crazy from there. "A comfortable house party guest list will probably range from 20-50 people rotating in and out throughout the night," says party planner David Uttara, whose past clients include NFL stars, the Rolling Stones and Al Gore. Also make sure you are inviting people you think will have a good time together. Because it's not a good party unless people are able to socialize and have a good time.

Planning the music and drinks is the fun part. If you're of age buy enough alcohol for everyone you invited. You can even hire a bartender or multiple depending on the size of your event. You can even just have Do Your Own mix drinks, with a bunch of bottles and juices or soda with cups and people can create their own drink. Drew Barrymore says "Your guests shouldn't feel like they're being inappropriate for wanting another glass of wine, "so stock up. You really should have food at your event, it keeps the guests happy and if they're drinking it can help prevent people getting sick. I think chips is a necessity. Also pretzels or pizza is awesome. If you're feeling like having fun with it, you can always make mac and cheese cups or deserts like cookies and cake. Finger food is good element as well. Planning the music is a must. You'll want to make a playlist with an amount of songs that you think will last the whole party/longer. Make the playlist of all songs that you would be ok with playing, so when you're in the middle of a conversation you don't have to runaway to quickly change the song. Wireless speakers, like this Beatspill, is awesome. It's connected through Bluetooth so you also can be in charge of the music in your hands the whole party. Also make sure your speakers are loud enough to reach all areas of the party. Make a playlist that gets people pumped and makes people want to dance.

Decorate! If you are having a themed party you should decorate according to theme. Some suggestions are superhero, American, or a Great Gatsby theme. But for basics you should at least have lights around your house, so you can dim the lights. You should have table clothes on tables also, it looks good and give the sense of parties. That will also help with clean ups. But the best decoration is chairs, make sure to have places to sit for your guests.

Finally, please please please drunk proof your house. You want to have a great time and not be stressed, and one thing you'd end up worrying about is your house. Which is why you should prepare your home for a party. We all know what happens at parties, and when it's in your own home you don't want your drunk friends spilling things on your nice pillows or even playing catch with an antique statue like the scene in mean girls. Anything in your house that you don't want to be messed with put in a room that you can lock the door. Lock or tape off all rooms you don't want people in. Definitely have paper towel on hand, because there most likely will be a couple spills. Also have garbage bags in plain sight so people can be aware and instead of leaving there garbage on counter tops or tables, they'll put it in the garbage. If you don't drunk proof your house you'll regret it.

If you can master all these 5 steps, you're going to have a great time and so will you're guests. So once again:

  1. figure out the logistics,
  2. decide on a guest list,
  3. plan the drinks and music,
  4. decorate, and
  5. drunk proof your house.


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