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Connected, but Alone TED Talk

The TED talk, “Connected, but alone” by Sherry Turkle talks about how big of an influence technology had become in our generation and how it changed our social interaction. Sherry Turkle talked about how we turn to our phones or other gadgets to have a …

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A Reaction Paper on Connected, but alone?

Technology has impacted on our lives very greatly. We are dependent on technology. We use it at all times. When our phones our left at our home, we would freak out and go back home just to get it. In Sherry Turkle’s “Connected but alone?,” …

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What is the message of connected but alone?
Turkle's TED talk centered upon the idea that both individuals and groups are letting technology take them places they don’t want to. We are allowing the most insignificant devices to control and change us.
What is the message of connected but alone by Sherry Turkle?
Sherry Turkeyle discusses our relationship with technology in the Ted Talk, "Connected and Alone?". She says that although technology is exciting, technology can lead us to dangerous places.
What is the conclusion of connected but alone?
Sherry TГјrle's Ted talk "Connected and not Alone" highlights many points, concluding that technology can be used to alter the human psyche. It is a means to change who you are and what you do.
What is Sherry Turkle's thesis?
Turkle's thesis here - some of it will sound familiar, but others turn out to be smart and insightful - is that people are projecting human characteristics onto robots even as they become more sophisticated (i.e. the Furby, Paro and other digital toys, intended to provide entertainment and companionship).

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