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How to Keep Your Body Healthy

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Jennifer Ellin April 13, 2013 English 0950 How to keep your body healthy Picture yourself overweight and just absolutely miserable and a person wants a brand new makeover. There are several different ways to keep your body happy, healthy and to prevent all illnesses. One thing a person should plan is maintaining a healthy goal. In order to do that, a person should consume all the nutrition one can handle. A human body needs carbohydrates, plenty of protein and fats. A human should be burning more calories than consumed. Eliminate a lot of sweets and don’t ever avoid skipping meals.

Doctors and nutritionists recommend eating up to 6 small meals instead of 3 large ones but have to watch out on portion sizes. Low energy foods are good like fruits and vegetables and also water and lots of fiber. Fiber will help digest and keep your body full longer. Drink a lot of water. Celery and chewing gum will help burn calories also just by chewing; Yogurt helps also. A person should be getting a lot of rest at night. Adults should get a maximum of 9 hours of sleep a night and kids should get about 10-11 hours of sleep. One of the most important ways of improving sleep is to do it in complete darkness.

Small amounts of light can interfere with body rest. Another of the best ways to improve a nights rest is to exercise. Sleeping is also a great way to prevent overeating. There are more ways to exercise besides hitting the gym. A person can exercise where ever felt most comfortable like in the privacy at home. There’s one effective way to improve cardiovascular health and it’s to do interval training. Interval training is switching back and forth between high and low intensity activities. If someone decides to do the interval trainings, it will help improve heart health and endurance.

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There are lots of ways to improve a human’s psychological health. Developing meaningful relationships by being social with other people is a great way. Another way is learning to have a healthy relationship. Learn to understand your own emotions so you can know yourself better and also learn to cope better with emotional pain. Improving your sex life is a good one. There are benefits to a healthy sex life such as reducing depression. Keep your mind flexible. Reading more is the best way. You should also keep yourself mentally active. It’s very rewarding.

It’s also known to decrease chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease. Make a few lifestyle changes. Doing many types of different outdoor activities. Limit computer time to a few hours a day. Walking more is great for the body. A stressful environment is a no go. So try to keep calm no matter what the circumstance is. If someone is in a situation that can’t be handled, step outside and get some fresh air. Outdoor air is great for the body. It is important that we pay attention to the body. Our body tells us what we need and don’t need. Take into consideration that when a body is ill, there is something wrong.

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