What aspects of your life would you most like to keep and why

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There are many aspects of my life which have become important to me and the way I live day to day. Many of the things which I include myself I can easily live without and are merely acts of procrastination which I would be better of abandoning, yet there are some things which improve me as a person and are vital to my well being.

The first and most important of aspect of my life which every person needs to have, for a secure and happy way of life is family; and our ability to rely upon our family to always love and care for us. It is my parents who raised me and cared for me when no one else would they are the reason I am living the way of life I am today. Family is important because they give us the significance that we need to feel. They act as our own group of loyal supporters which we all crave to have. In a world that never stops moving for anyone, those closest to will, they will share in my sorrows and be joyous in my success. Our parents, siblings and relations are all that we have and they are who mould us into great people and the provide us the motivation to do great things and make the positive influence on society that keep the human race moving forward.

Another aspect of our aspect of my life which I would want to keep is my religion. Islam was too first given to by my family, yet now it has become a complete way of life for me. It gives us humans the sense of purpose which we strive for and it instructs us on how we should act and behave to not only others around us but ourselves. Religion also has the ability to unite billions of people around the world to one common belief, and this common ground which we share with each other is invaluable because too much now days people focus on our differences yet fail to acknowledge the similarities; the belief in God. Religion is a central part of my life and makes up part of my identity, without which I am nothing.

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The internet is an aspect of my life which over the years has become a pivotal part of my life. It is a treasure trove of information that can provide you up to date news as well is an encyclopaedia of knowledge about history and connects people worldwide. The internet has revolutionised my way of life, and the fact that it has been phased into my life does mean that with time one could become used to living without it again. I use the internet in all aspects of my life and it comes to use from being used for school work and keeping connected with friends and family living too far away to contact any other way.

The final part of my life which I would like to hold onto until I am old and grey is my participation in sports; sport is beneficial to my mind and body in so many ways; from the obvious facts of reducing body fat and increasing stamina to its ability to help me fight away depression and anxiety. Sports gives us a sense of belonging and helps us fit in with other people who we may not normally meet or talk to. If I am able to continue my involvement in sports then in the future it would lower the chances of me suffering from illnesses and diseases and also continue to give me that competitive edge over others who I may meet in the world of work. Participation in sport gives me that sense of achievement and confidence which is not always found in other aspects of life and therefore I will continue my affiliation with it for as long as possible.

We as a human race must strive to maintain the ability to celebrate and learn from the past, for if men and women are freed from tradition and the experiences of history and the family environment, we will be but clueless beings; making the same mistakes of those who have already come before us and be moulded by eccentrics and maniacs, which would only be detrimental to the development of the humanity.

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