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How To Catch Fish In Southern California Environmental Sciences Essay

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This paper discusses how to catch a batch of fish while seawater fishing in Southern California. It discusses three chief types of fishing: kayak, breaker, and party boats. It talks about cogwheel needed for each type of fishing, locations in which to angle, and what fish to angle for during different times of the twelvemonth.

Often times, some say that fishing is non a athletics for them. It is frequently considered to be deadening, and some say they do non hold the forbearance to sit around and wait for a fish to seize with teeth. While some may non hold forbearance to wait on fish, the chief job is non that it takes excessively long for fish to seize with teeth, They merely do non cognize how to acquire fish to seize with teeth. Catching a batch of fish takes a batch more than merely throwing a worm on a hook and fliping it into the H2O. Although this method may work from clip to clip, but for existent action one must acquire a little more involved than that. One must larn to angle in order to bask catching many fish.

Saltwater fishing in southern California is an experience that will derive mass measures of assorted fish, provided the fisherman knows how to angle. One must cognize what types of fishing are available and which type he/she will angle. Another of import spot of information needed, is to take from the 1000s of points of angling cogwheel, to utilize while fishing. The locations in which to angle, is another really of import factor, that will greatly impact a fisherman 's result. Finally, which species to angle for, during what clip of twelvemonth, and with what tackle is the following most of import issue to catching fish. Once a fisherman has a cognition of the type of fishing to be done, the cogwheel needed for each type of fishing, the locations to angle, and the species of fish to angle for, he/she will get down to catch a batch of fish.

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The first measure in catching the most fish in Southern California 's seawater is to take a type of fishing that is best for the fisherman. `` Fishing in Southern California is much like a deluxe assortment. And what 's so fantastic is that there are so many ways to take part in this banquet '' ( Albert, 2003 ) . There are many types of fishing to be done, nevertheless with a limited paper length, merely three will be covered. The first is kayak fishing, this is a low to medium cost of on the H2O fishing that can suit into most fisherman 's budgets. The 2nd type is surf angling which includes fishing from shore, docks, and wharfs. Last but non least is angling off shore from a party boat, where fishers pay a captain to take them out on the H2O for specific fish. In order to find which type of fishing is to be done, the fisherman must take a closer expression at the cogwheel needed and cost for each, and find what best fits his/her budget.

Kayak fishing, is one manner that a fisherman can bask angling on the H2O without the big cost of a fishing boat and care fees that come with it. `` As we are all cognizant of we are in some tough economic times and even though kayak fishing is a reasonably cheap athletics relation to having a boat or engaging fishing ushers, it can still be a considerable investing '' ( Cambria,2010 ) . A used kayak can usually be purchased with a monetary value scope from $ 300 up to $ 1000. A new kayak can be purchased for every bit low as $ 600 up to $ 2000 ( Cambria, 2010 ) . There are besides several locations that a kayak can be rented from for $ 50 to $ 100 a twenty-four hours. The monetary value of the kayak depends on the brand and theoretical account to be purchased or rented. For seawater fishing outside of bays and seaports it is recommended that one purchase or lease a sit on top kayak designed for managing unsmooth moving ridges, nevertheless an older theoretical account, sit in kayak will work. Another initial pick to be made in the purchase or lease of a kayak, is how many seats will be needed. For a individual individual there are individual place kayaks ; tandem and three place kayaks are besides available at a small higher monetary value, for those angling with more than one individual. Along with the purchase or lease of a kayak comes the fees of safety equipment, angling cogwheel, and establishing fees.

Safety Equipment, a really of import factor while angling from a kayak. This type of fishing is done on the H2O, off from shore, so a flotation device is necessary. `` Kayaks, that for one ground or another fill with H2O, either sink or go hopelessly unstable. This is less than desirable '' ( Hutchinson, 2004 ) . There are several floatation devices available that scope from life waistcoat to existent kayak floats ; the monetary values of these vary by brand and theoretical account but can be purchased for every bit low as $ 20 and up to $ 200. It is of import to besides retrieve that while kayaking the fisherman is exposed to sunlight, so it is really of import to hold sun block and a chapeau to assist protect from Sun Burnss ( Hutchinson, 2004 ) . The Sun can be an enemy to fishing, if you get burned, it will turn a merriment and exciting twenty-four hours into a incubus that will non shortly be forgotten. Another safety point needed is leashs, these are cords that stretch which are used to attach points to the kayak so that they do non acquire dropped into the H2O and sink. It is really of import to attach a leash to the paddle because if the paddle is lost the kayaker has no manner to paddle back to shore, it is besides recommended to attach fishing poles and any other points that the kayaker does non desire to lose. There are besides several other safety points which can be carried such as a cyberspace, foremost aid kit, tie down ropes, exigency stroboscope visible radiations, and many more. It is really of import to retrieve that there are ever dangers involved while boating.

Basic fishing cogwheel needed to kayak fish. Saltwater anglers angling the seashore should hold at least one come-on projecting existent, a 6 to 7 1/2 pes fishing rod, a simple and easy to transport tackle box, maulerss, visible radiation to heavy weights, and plastic gigues or enticements ( Kovach, 2002 ) . An mean come-on projecting existent scopes in monetary value from $ 40 to $ 300, although these reels are more expensive than other types, the distance they can project and the retarding force system, designed to contend large fish, are far better than other theoretical accounts. The monetary value of angling rods range from $ 40 to $ 200, the better the rod, the larger fish that can be brought in without interrupting the pole. Light weight tackle boxes can be purchased for around $ 20, a tackle box must be easy to transport and little plenty to maintain in the kayaks limited infinites. Hooks, weights, and gigues or enticements will change in monetary value and depend on the species to be fished for.

The following factor in Kayak fishing, is cognizing where to angle. The full seashore of Southern California can be fished with a kayak, nevertheless, with the little scope of a kayak, it is of import to hold a launch site that will acquire the fisherman near to the fish. The easiest topographic points to establish a kayak is within a bay or seaport, although establishing from any beach along the seashore is possible, they are difficult to establish from, because of the breakage waves that one must contend, merely to acquire in the H2O. The bays along the southern seashore that can be launched from are as follows: San Diego, Mission, Encina, Newport, and San Pedro. The Harbors that are easy launch from are Dana Point, Huntington, and Los Angeles ( Kovach, 2002 ) . Most of these bays have free launch sites with free parking for those launching manus carried H2O trade, this is really good when on a budget. Great fishing can non merely be done in these bays and seaports, but they provide entree to seashore, provided that the fisherman does non acquire sea sick.

After taking a location to angle, the following measure is larning how to angle the location. This may even be the most of import factor in catching fish on a kayak, holding the right cogwheel in the right location is great, but without the cognition of how to angle the country, really few fish will be caught. A fish has merely two demands during most of its life, happening something to eat and avoiding being eaten, hence fish like to hold some signifier of screen near a current that brings nutrient stopping point to them ( Kaminsky, 1997 ) . Inside bays and seaports are many anchored canvas boats and yachts, every bit good as docks for fish to conceal under for screen. These bays and seaports besides ever have a strong current, so they are a great topographic point to catch fish. The current can be used to float through the bay or seaport, projecting near the boats and docks to entice the fish out of concealing for something to eat. With the same rule in head, angling outside of the bay or seaport should be done looking for the same factors, screen and current. Kelp beds ( seaweed ) , provide great screen for fish every bit good as under H2O reefs, canons, and peep ( Stienstra, 2008 ) . If a fisherman has added a fish finder to his/her kayak, so happening these reefs, canons, and peep will let for catching a big figure of fish which hide in them. Give the high monetary values for fish finders, most kayakers will non be equipped with one, so happening kelp beds on top of the H2O along the seashore provides for great fishing activity. Fishing these kelp beds is merely like angling near boats and docks, projecting near the kelp will pull the fish out from concealing for a bite to eat.

The 2nd type of fishing to be enjoyed is surf fishing. `` Surf fishing is adult male and nature at its best. It 's merely you, the boom surfs, sea birds and salt spray... and hopefully the fish '' ( Albert, 2003 ) . Surf fishing is another low cost manner to angle and bask the ocean. The tackle and equipment needed for breaker fishing is a 10 to 12 pes breaker angling pole with whirling rod that is capable of keeping 200-250 paces of 15 to 20 lb line. It is besides recommended to hold 2 to 6 ounce pyramid doughnuts, # 2 to # 6 maulerss, a sand spike rod holder, and come-on ( Albert, 2003 ) . An mean surf pole and stagger combination can normally be purchased from most retail shops at a monetary value scope from $ 35 to $ 100, these combinations normally come with the 15 to 20 lb line included. The remainder of the fishing cogwheel needed to surf fish can be purchased at merely about any retail shop for less than $ 50 sum.

After the basic cogwheel for breaker fishing is acquired, the following most of import measure to set downing fish is cognizing where to angle. Southern California provides many countries to surf fish, most of the seashore is comprised of beaches which are great for breaker fishing, there are besides many wharfs and docks that can be utilized. Fishing from the beach, is non merely a great manner to angle that provides many species of fish, but it is a great manner to pass a twenty-four hours an flushing off from life on the beach. This requires the usage of a sand spike which holds the pole up high and keeps the line above the breakage moving ridges ( Pfeiffer, 2008 ) . Although beaches are beautiful to angle from, one may non cognize where to angle, because during a high tide all that can be seen is beach and ocean. The best manner to cognize where to angle from the beach is to look into out the beach at low tide and so angle at high tide. During the low tide, cuts and trenches in the ocean floor can be seen. When high tide comes in, fish swim in these cuts and trenches looking for nutrient ( Ristori, 2008 ) . Once a fisherman knows where the fish will be, they can project into these countries and delay for the following fish looking for some nutrient. This may non be the fastest paced fishing, but it is great for disbursement clip with friends and household while fishing. For more impatient fisherman, gigues can be continually be cast out into these trenches and reeled in for more fishing activity.

Another great manner to surf fish is from a wharf or dock, this is a signifier of fishing that opens the fisherman 's options up to whatever fish is swimming by. Three chief manner to angle from a wharf or dock are to drop the line straight down and wait for fish swimming and concealing under the wharf or dock ; projecting come-on out every bit far as possible, and allowing it set to catch anything liquid by ; or to project and existent come-ons and gigues in invariably maintaining them traveling, to catch fish that like unrecorded action come-on ( Albert, 2003 ) . With so many options, angling these wharfs and docks can supply much action throughout a twenty-four hours. If one manner is non working, another manner can be tried, and finally angle will be caught. None of the ways to angle from a wharf or dock plants better than the others, it is merely a affair of which manner works best during each visit.

Fishing from a party boat is another great manner to saltwater fish Southern California. This type of angling takes the least cognition of how to angle and provides the most fish caught, nevertheless, it is besides one of the most expensive ways to saltwater fish. These boats have good successful captains and good trained crews that aid even the novitiate fisherman catch fish like a professional ( Albert, 2003 ) . It is of import to retrieve, these crews get paid to assist people catch fish, the captains know the good fishing musca volitanss and the crews know what come-ons and gear plants best for catching the fish. If a fisherman will inquire the crew a batch of inquiries, he/she will go forth the boat with a cognition of how to catch fish.

Choosing a party boat, likely the hardest portion to catching fish on party boat is taking from the many boats available. These boats range from half twenty-four hours to seven twenty-four hours trips, and the cost scope from around $ 40 to 100s of dollars depending on the length. Fishing poles and all the cogwheel needed can be rented from the set downing supplying the boat for around an excess $ 20. It is recommended to hold at least two poles, maulerss, and heavy weights. `` The longer the clip spent on the H2O the more chances for tapping the premier fish-holding countries '' ( Kovach, 2002 ) . The longer the trip the farther the boat can go, so with longer trips there are more options for different fish. The chief factor in taking which boat to take most frequently depends on the fisherman 's budget. Another issue, is holding adequate clip to take these trips. An mean half twenty-four hours trip is around six hours long, three one-fourth twenty-four hours trips are from eight to ten hours in length, and a full twenty-four hours trip is twenty four hours.

Checking fish counts is another issue when taking the right party boat. This is frequently and unmarked portion when taking a party boat, each set downing provides a fish count from the old trip ( Kovach, 2002 ) . These fish counts tell anglers how many fish and what species are being caught so they can take what type of fish to angle for. Fish counts are non ever a great index of how fishing will be, some yearss are merely bad yearss, storms or cold foreparts may hold contributed to a low fish count. When watching fish counts, one can state that the best clip to take a party boat, is when they have been catching a batch of fish.

The concluding factor to look at while taking a party boat is the location. Party boats operate out of over a twelve locations along the southern seashore. The landings from which they operate are as follows: Morro Bay, Avila Beach, Goleta, Santa Monica, Redondo Beach, San Pedro, Long Beach, Seal Beach, Newport Harbor, Dana Harbor, Oceanside, Mission Bay, and San Diego Bay ( Albert, 2003 ) . Different locations have many different variables such as H2O temperature, surface conditions, and species available for angling. The farther South, the heater Waterss with sandier undersides which are great for warmer H2O fish like Tuna. More northern locations do non hold as warm of H2O and have more bouldery undersides, so rock fish are normally aimed for when angling these boats.

After taking the type of fishing, geting the basic cogwheel needed, and taking a location to angle, a fisher must cognize what type of fish to angle for. This requires cognizing what type of fish are available at what seasons and what come-on or undertake the fish will seize with teeth. There are over 250 types of fish in the Pacific ocean ( Dunaway, 2004 ) . This adds to the exhilaration of seawater fishing, because it is about impossible to cognize all the types of fish that are in the ocean and what they eat or what come-ons to utilize, so one can ne'er state precisely what fish will caught on any given twenty-four hours. However, if a fisherman has no thought of what to angle for, opportunities are they will non catch many fish, because they do non cognize what come-on or tackle to utilize.

Due to H2O temperature alterations throughout the twelvemonth, different fish are available at different times. The most common species of fish available in Southern California are Yellowfin Tuna, Albacore Tuna, Big Eye Tuna, Dorado, Yellowtail, Barracuda, Calico Bass, Bonito, Sand Bass, Rock Fish, Halibut, Sharks, and Rock Cod. These fish are available at different clip of the twelvemonth, Yellowtail, Halibut, Rockfish, Sharks, and Rock Cod are around all twelvemonth. Barracuda, Calico Bass, Bonito, and Sand bass can be caught from May through October. Yellowfin Tuna, are merely available between July through October. Albacore Tuna come along the seashore from June through September. Big Eye Tuna can be found between August and September, and Dorado can merely be caught from July through September ( Mailly, 2010 ) . Occasionally throughout the twelvemonth, warmer currents may convey other species that are usually found further south, while at other times colder currents sometimes bring in fish that are usually found further north. Knowing when these fish are available, makes it easier to be after angling trips and cognize what may be seize with teething.

Having a cognition of what fish are around during what clip of twelvemonth is a large aid in catching them, nevertheless, an apprehension of what come-ons and undertake each fish will seize with teeth will increase the fisherman 's opportunities well. Bait is some signifier of existent nutrient for fish, in most instances come-on should be something that is natural to the environment being fished ( Ristori, 2008 ) . The best seawater come-ons for Southern California are squid, anchovies, mussels, clam, pilchards, and sand worms. Tackle, sometimes referred to as gigues or enticements is meant to portray some signifier of come-on in the country, although sometimes fish will strike something that does non resemble anything else in the ocean. ( Ristori, 2008 ) . Most saltwater fish can be caught utilizing a piece of come-on on a hook, but some are more prone to strike on unrecorded come-on or gigues that are traveling. Yellowfin Tuna, Albacore Tuna, Big Eye Tuna, Dorado, Yellowtail, Barracuda, Calico Bass, Bonito, and Halibut prefer unrecorded come-ons or gigues that imitate them. Sand Bass and Rock fish are more disposed to strike on balls of come-on on a hook but while angling in the bays, these fish will strike on different colored gigues. Shark will merely approximately eat anything but the best action for them is with large balls of come-on on a hook. When nil is seize with teething the come-on or jigs one is utilizing, it is easy to acquire discouraged and give up on the twenty-four hours of fishing, but during these times, it is a good thought to seek different come-ons or gigues that are non normally used, sometimes the fish will merely hit off the wall points ( Kovach, 2002 ) . Many fisherman can verify that sometimes fish merely wo n't seize with teeth anything that they normally would, other times they will hit anything in the H2O, it is of import to non acquire discouraged and seek something new every one time in a piece.

Once the fisherman knows what come-on will be used, he/she will necessitate to hold the right hook for that come-on. Proper hook choice, is frequently, the most unmarked piece of equipment in a seawater angler 's tackle box Large maulerss, can curtail motion of come-ons, while excessively little of a hook, can ensue in hapless incursion. A frail hook, may interrupt when contending stronger fish, and a heavy responsibility hook can change action of enticements and come-ons ( Kovach, 2002 ) . This being said, hook choice is really of import, and the best manner to cognize what hook to utilize for what come-on or enticements, is to inquire person at a come-on shop. Normally the people who work at come-on shops have a cognition of what they are selling and how to angle with it. If taking a party boat out, the crew specialize in how to set up a line to catch fish, so it is really of import to inquire inquiries. The most common used hook for seawater come-on is a saltwater # 2, but once more different come-ons need different maulerss.

After the proper hook is achieved, one must cognize how to hook their come-on in order to catch a fish. `` An angler may have the finest tackle in the universe yet non hold productive yearss on the Pacific because he does non cognize proper hooking methods '' ( Kovach, 2002 ) . Other than calamari, come-on tends to fall away of a hook really easy, so cognize how or where to hook come-on is really of import. Anchovies, pilchards, and any other little fish that may be used as come-on can be hooked through the oral cavity and skull to guarantee it will remain on, this besides will do them look like a unrecorded swimming come-on while floating in the H2O. For unrecorded come-on, it is of import non to kill the fish while hooking it, so it is recommended to hook them in a gill, behind the eyes, or in the tail. These methods of hooking take pattern to happen the right topographic point that it will non easy interrupt free. Squid is the easiest of all come-ons to hook, because with its rubbery tegument, it will keep to a hook all twenty-four hours. It is besides of import to retrieve that fish should see come-on and non a hook when they are nearing 1s line.

`` Give a adult male a fish, and you feed him for today. Teach a adult male to angle, and you feed him for a life-time '' ( Moncur, n.d. ) Becoming a fisherman is more of a challenge than is assumed, there are many factors that need to be learned before one can truly catch a batch of fish. Once one has learned how to catch fish, it is possible for them to hold ne'er stoping angling action.

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