The Current Environmental Laws In The Philippines Environmental Sciences Essay

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Based on my research about the current Philippine Environmental Laws, I found out that it has two parts; foremost is the Presidential Decree no. 1586 or the Environmental Impact System which states that no undertakings shall be implemented without an Environmental Conformity Certificate ( ECC ) .In order for the authorities to happen out if they are to publish an Environmental Conformity Certificate, an appraisal should be done sing the proposed undertaking's impact on the environment.

An Environmental Impact

Assessment is defined as a process in order to happen out and foretell the impact of proposed undertakings to the state 's environment and to work forces well being and wellness. This appraisal is of import in order for us to happen out the resource allotment for the said undertaking and find the costs associated with environmental preservation. Once the Environmental Impact System has been approved an Environmental Compliance Certificate may now be given to the individual in charge of the undertaking and he may now continue with the execution of his undertaking.

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The certification is really of import to hold because it contains the footings and conditions that the individual enforcing the undertaking should follow with. Failure to follow the conditions in the certification may ensue its suspension or cancellation, the individual behind the undertaking may be subjected to a all right non transcending 50 thousand pesos ( 50,000Php ). If the undertaking is cleared and is now being implemented or started with, monitoring is normally done to do certain that they are following the conditions in the certification and to detect the undertaking's environmental impact.

The 2nd portion of the Philippine Environmental Law is the Presidential Decree no. 984 or The Pollution Control Law, this is besides known as the Pollution Control Decree of 1978 is a national policy that is aimed to forestall, avoid, and command pollution of H2O, air, and land for the more effectual use of the resources in the state. This jurisprudence besides contains the demands or necessary criterions needed to be followed in order to get a license to construct or enforce a certain undertaking that does non in any manner affect the environment negatively.

It besides contains the commissariats if of all time there are punishments. Presidential Decree 984 focal points on ; first, the Clean Air Act of 1999 which is a policy and plan to keep the air quality in the state. This is to convey all the citizens to collaborate and exercise an attempt to clean the air we breathe, and whoever will go against this act will be subjected to pay. The act chiefly focuses on bar instead than control, chiefly because if we can forestall something bad from go oning so it will be less onerous in the close hereafter. Preventing farther harm to the stratospheric ozone bed is an illustration of this. This act sets criterions for beginnings of nomadic air pollution, those coming from vehicles like autos, trucks, new waves, coachs, jeepneys, trike, and bikes. Smoke tonss from industrial houses like hotels, power works, and other constitutions are besides closely monitored. Aside from those mentioned, smoke, combustion of refuse, and dust from building are included.

Second is the Clean Water Act of 2004, records say that every bit early as 1996 several trials were conducted and consequences showed that merely 51 % of rivers in our state are still useable, and the staying 49 % were already polluted due to domestic and industrial activities. That might non sound that much large of a trade until you realize that 31 % of all illnesss come from imbibing or contact with dirty/polluted Waterss, diseases like cholera, amebiasis, swamp fever etc. Republic Act No. 9275 or the Clean Water Act of 2004 purposes to protect the clean and staying organic structures of H2O we have left from pollution caused by discharges from human activities, mills in the industry, and other land based beginnings.

It besides states that all proprietors of companies or anyone who discharges effluent are required to acquire a license from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources ( DENR ) or the Laguna Lake Development Authority, all companies or industries that discharge effluent and are in operation even with the said license will hold to pay a effluent charge in order to deter the companies from dispatching effluent and choose to put in cleaner production and pollution control engineerings, this will assist diminish the figure of pollutants generated and discharged.

Third is the Solid Waste Management or Republic Act No. 9003, this act talks about a legal construction on how our state can hold a systematic and ecological solid waste direction system that will assist in keeping and protecting the environment and the people 's wellness. This act besides provides plans for minimising waste, and cognizing how to decently dispose of our refuse, it advices the people to follow the three R 's of Solid Waste Management ; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Segregation is besides compulsory in the undermentioned countries ; families, establishments, industrial installations, commercial/business constitution, and agricultural countries. They besides prohibit unfastened combustion of solid wastes to avoid farther harm to the ambiance and pollution to the air. Last is the Act to Control Toxic Substances and Hazardous and Nuclear Wastes or Republic Act No. 6969, they have several policies listed, one is to `` modulate, bound, and prohibit importing, fabrication, processing, sale, distribution, usage, and dispose of chemical substances '' this is done so that we can avoid unreasonable hazard to the people 's wellness and of class to the environment, following is to forbid entry and most particularly disposal of risky wastes to the Philippines territorial bounds and in conclusion, to carry on research on toxic chemicals and risky wastes.

How are Hotel and Tourism Management pupils affected by the Environmental Laws?

After reading a batch of things about the environmental Torahs in the Philippines I am now more aware of my milieus and the things that need to be done in order to hold a safe and clean topographic point to populate in. Having cognition about the jurisprudence is ever a good thing because we become more careful in our actions. Some people are merely non that knowing about certain environmental issues that 's why they tend to care less.

Hotel and Tourism pupils are affected by these Torahs because we will be working in an industry that is really broad and huge, everyplace we go there is ever adjustment and nutrient, which means that we can get down by using what we 've learned sing the environment to our workplace, non to advert that hotels and tourers are a immense portion of our state 's economic system, we can do a immense impact because our industry is good known and is all over the universe, it will be our occupation as cognizant pupils or future employees to assist in using or implementing ways on how we can assist maintain the environment clean and at the same clip provide quality service to all our invitees.

Our class besides deals with functioning and holding contact to people that avail our merchandises and services, we can assist these people contribute to the wellness of our milieus by puting an illustration for them and supplying service that non merely is exceeding but besides environment friendly. If we are lucky plenty to go directors or even proprietors of our ain hotels or travel bureaus someday, so we can put ends and policies in our ain constitutions that comply with the environmental Torahs, without compromising our chief end which is to function our invitees good.

How can hotel and touristry concerns help better the current environmental state of affairs?

We are presently confronting a batch of environmental issues in our state, from dirt erodings, flash floods, vanishing H2O beginnings, and air pollution to improper refuse disposal, illegal logging, and nutrient toxic condition caused by chemical wastes. These are merely some of the many jobs our state is confronting today, as pupils and future employees to the industry of Hospitality and Tourism we can assist in confronting the current environmental issues by implementing certain protocols and policies in our work topographic point. Installing H2O metres in every section ( if possible ) for illustration, is a good manner to supervise the constitution 's H2O ingestion, by making so we can find the monthly H2O ingestion and cost of our workplace, if we are cognizant of this we 'll cognize what section consumes excessively much H2O and necessary action will be taken instantly. Water salvaging devices like flow regulators, H2O flow detectors, and low flower lavatories are merely some of the things we can set in our comfort suites and kitchens to do certain that blowing H2O is at a minimum, and if observed exhaustively, no wastage at all.

Leaks because of hapless plumbing is besides a cause of H2O wastage in a batch of places and edifices, we must on a regular basis keep plumbing fixtures to do certain that no leaks will come up. Monthly review for trickles and leaks in the constitution should be done be it at hotels, resorts, or eating houses. With respects to the kitchen/ Food and Beverage Department, utilizing of dish washers should merely be done during the cheque out of the invitees and rinsing of little kitchenware should be done by manus with the usage of antibacterial soap, to assist conserve H2O.

Electricity is one thing that our industry consumes a batch, we use this to power up large hotels and casinos, aid elegant eating houses operate, and maintain the sense of holding recreational topographic points like subject Parkss, nevertheless, despite the benefits we get from utilizing electricity, merely a few of us recognize its importance. Electricity is acquired by change overing energy released from firing fossil fuels, as consumers continue to utilize immense sums of electricity every twenty-four hours ; it 's really likely that all the fossil fuels around the universe will shortly run out. Conserving energy in our places and concern constitutions can assist continue fossil fuels, for illustration, put ining electricity metres in every section to supervise monthly energy ingestion to avoid increasing electric measures will hold a immense impact given the fact that a batch of hotels, resorts, and eating houses use a batch of electricity.

Using energy efficient contraptions and visible radiation bulbs in high ingestion countries, and turning them off when non in usage can besides be done to avoid high energy ingestion. For resorts and hotel room, they can utilize solar panels to heat H2O for the invitees, by making so this can salvage up to 40 % of energy cost. Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants produce big sums of solid and liquid wastes these wastes end up dispersing in the environment due to hapless or unequal waste direction and handling, therefore it is a must to implement schemes and plans to minimise wastes and to use the three R 's; cut down, reuse, and recycle. Segregating wastes is a really basic measure in waste direction; this is helpful to the environment because if we are able to find the biodegradable 1s from the non biodegradable so we can find the best manner to safely dispose of the waste.

If we are buying merchandises that we need to run our constitution, the first thing we should maintain in head is to take merchandises that are least polluting and most sustainable, by making so we can avoid the hazard of lending to the pollution in our state, and because it 's sustainable we can profit from it for a longer period of clip without holding to dispose the merchandise after several utilizations, therefore assisting minimise wastage in our constitution. In eating houses or other nutrient constitutions, alternatively of utilizing disposable containers like Styrofoam which non merely takes a long clip to break up but can besides hold negative effects to our wellness, they can utilize reclaimable lid containers that are really environment friendly and can be reused. Hotel 's purchase immense sums of detergents, bleach, and other chemicals used in the wash and lavatory country, if possible they should roll up the empty chemical containers and direct them back to the maker so that it can be used once more alternatively of stacking up bottles of detergents etc. and merely throwing them anyplace, or worse some people even burn them, aside from this they can merely replenish the bottles alternatively of purchasing new 1s. They can besides assist salvage the trees by commanding the use of paper in their offices and places, for illustration, if possible they can merely utilize electronic mail to direct paperss from one constitution to another, alternatively of publishing them out.

For used or scrap paper, recycling the back side can besides assist in cut downing the usage of clean, fresh paper. We should besides avoid the usage of aerosol sprays like some air fresheners that damage our ozone bed, taking sprays that do non utilize propellent gas is our best stake. Another really of import thing that hotel, resort, and eating house builders can make is to halt seting up their constitutions in topographic points with natural wildlife and in topographic points where cutting down 100s of trees is necessary merely so they can gain net income.


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