How Social Media Does Harm to the World

Last Updated: 24 Jun 2020
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How can Social Media do harm to the world? Ethan Chan I am going to explain how social media does harm to the world in this essay. Social Media is an easier way to socialize with other people because you can connect with them no matter how far apart you are from them. By typing on a electronic device you can see what people are up to and communicate with them. However does that make social media a useful communication app? An example of social media would be Facebook, which was created by Mark Zuckerberg at the age of 18.

As just as a kid himself, he may not have realized the negative consequences social media has on the community. Facebook is only one of the few types of social media which teens, housewives and just about any adult lock in to either chat on line or play games online. This group of people turns out to be social media addicts, spending hours upon hours of their days online. This results to a breakdown of the family morals and values. It also results to lost communication amongst the family members. However, teens are the main source of addiction and this can take up to 8 hours a day.

They are spending too much time on social media because they are chatting with their friends and searching for unnecessary people which prevents them from studying. Hence, lowering their grades. Teens like to socialize with social media, instead of playing sports and getting exercise, which means that they are getting lazier and unhealthy. My personal opinion is to stop it before it escalates to become a huge pack of very lazy people. There is a great concern about these chats on the social media leading to negative self-esteem, leading depression and subsequently, even suicides amongst teens.

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Hence, the negative influence of social media amongst teens can be fatal and needs to be stopped. Business is also being affected by social media. If businesses advertize on social media, people can comment bad things on their business, which could cause unfounded or bad rumours on the company. Then people wouldn’t support their business and may destroy their reputations. Moreover, the wrong online brand advertising may be the wrong strategy for the business. This is because social media sites are not affective for building brand awareness.

Social media is ideal for increasing sales and providing customer services, not to build brand awareness. Social media can have a negative influence on workers productivity. The workers are known to waste valuable time lock into social media apps, such as Facebook and Twitter. Basically, Mark Zuckerberg was a kid when he created Facebook and didn’t know how addicted teens would get and how his creation impact negatively on businesses. Social media like Facebook completely changed the way people interact and form opinion about people or things in life, which could negatively changed our value in life.

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