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How framework manifests the business make-up

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The main competitor of BBC SD. Bad is now providing value package on their payroll software and provides cheaper payroll package to Its customer. Based on the scenario above, the CEO of BBC company can apply 7-S framework to overcome the sale drop problem in BBC Company. 1 . Strategy, The CEO have to identify the payroll software that most sellable among others payroll software, such as commission calculation and income tax calculation Then, the CEO should only focus on their top sales payroll software and develop additional feature on it, such as customization and reporting features.

From this, the CEO has changed its business strategies to products differentiation to compete with their competitor. 2. Structure, The CEO should flattened the organization structure and decentralized decision-making authority to each team leader. So the team leader Is given authority to make decision and responsible for any task that assigned to the team. When organization structure is flattened, each team member will know who they should reports to when they accomplish a task or faces any problems. 3. Systems, The CEO should redesign the reward system to achieve the new business strategy and company goal.

Every employee and team will work toward to the new business strategy and company goal to achieve their rewards. For instance, sale team they sold more than 10 payroll software in a month will receive 1 month bonus for the specific month. 4. Styles, The CEO should adopted new management style and leadership style in BBC Company to achieve the new business strategy and company goal The CEO should emphasis toward employee working performance instead of human relationship. All management team have to be participative and put a lot effort to achieve new business strategies and organizational goals.

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How framework manifests the business make-up

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Because how management cuts is more important that what management says. Appropriate position based on the staff specialization, so that every staff will clear about their own position and task. CEO should also ensure each project team have the correct number of position assigned within a team, so that the team able to produce efficient and quality output to maintain and building BBC Company reputation. 6. Skill, The CEO should identify the strongest skills represented within the company. For BBC Company, its strongest skills was developments skill in developing new feature of its payroll software.

Then the CEO should focus more on developments kill and ensure every employee in BBC Company have the ability to provides good development skill. The CEO should also provide training and development to enhance employee's capabilities in regard to produces better quality and efficient practices in work. 7. Shared Value, The core value of BBC Company is to develop customize payroll software to meet customer specific requirement, the CEO should constantly communicate and brainstorming to every staff about company core value. So, every staff will believe and work toward to develop customize software to meet customers unique requirement.

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