A Framework for Understanding Poverty by Ruby K. Payne

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The book entitled “Framework for Understanding Poverty” is a famous book of a former school teacher Ruby K. Payne. I learnt that Ruby Payne is an expert of poverty. She also talks about her understanding of mentality of middle class and wealth.

he book has become a text book for poverty workers, teachers and managers of schools to know about the three categories of poverty; generational (for two or more generations) poverty, situational poverty (because of a sad event like disease, death of earning member of family or divorce).

The definitions of three poverty types that Ruby Payne gives make sense. The reason of split behaviors, ethics, individuality of three poverty types is stated in financial aspects, she explains  as clearly visible among poverty stricken and is she also covered this identification among wealthy. This approach, that it is not money alone but a lot of other factors have an influence over people, is quite holistic.

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The book on Poverty written by Ruby Payne advises that every one in education field from teachers to administrators at all levels of education ‘must read’ the Payne book, which is a boisterous advise. An author of a finance and poverty book can not be so demanding and dogmatic.

It could be useful for some having congruent ideas with Ruby Payne but not all will think in her way. It is very useful to understanding the point of view of Dr. Ruby Payne on socio economic reasons and characteristics of poverty.

 The good part of her scientific discussion is her suggesting the details of support systems. She suggests focusing on coping techniques, knowing about the various emotional and financial factors that put limitations, and complexities of relationships they hold with similar background social fraternity and then she suggests that the procedural communication and habit of positive talk should be taught to the poverty background students, and how it would help the poor students learn and perform better than their present performance.

The Theme of the Book

The book makes us realize the poverty in vivid detail and its entire backdrop of why the cycle of poverty is difficult to break. She emphasizes that poverty is not merely a situation of having less money than they need, but it is struggling in a domain of definite rules, separate feelings, and poor information that prevails over the methods of making  relations and creating a life among poor. The book gives us a useful quiz about survival on its page fifty seventh, which helps understanding contours of poverty.

The objective of the book that runs through all chapters of the book is demystifying the myths of poverty with an intension to make us know how to break the poverty cycle.

The aim of Ruby Payne appears to be educating all the stakeholders in School education system and education establishments, to make them focus on poor child that they learn in a better way after knowing their social and cultural background and most importantly their emotional mind makeup. This truly helps the teacher and administrators to do a better job in becoming mentors and role models for poor students who emulate them.

The process of poverty should be tackled scientifically by training the students certain needed soft skills that poor parents could not teach to their children.

The examples given in the book are fantastic such as, for poor, how they learn to look for safety of your clothes at Laundromat, how they engage and entertain their friends and close people by telling stories, and for a middle class person, the knowledge of use of a credit card or library card, earning loyalty from a household employee and creating a veil of seclusion and reserve around for the wealthy.

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