How Do The Key to a Brighter My Future?

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The stage in life where you are a young adult and must begin making decisions for yourself is one of the most difficult parts of life. A person must go through stages of confusion, frightfulness, and excitement. Deciding what path to follow for a brighter future is always one of the most difficult choices. For me, that decision is college and I must go through all these stages of a young adult to find the path I need to take for a bright future. How will I invest in my future? Three main things I will do to invest in my future are to work hard, dedicate myself to the work and studies, and keep a positive attitude.

My first main key point on how I will invest in my future is hard work. When attending college, this is a must have for all students. If you do not work hard and do not take your studies very seriously it can cause you to fall behind and from what I have been told from my teachers and friends who have already experienced college, slacking off is something you never want to do. With their advice, when I start college as a freshman, I will work hard from the day I start to the day I graduate. The old saying "Hard work pays off" is something I will keep in mind throughout the tough times and I know that with all the hard work invested for my future will eventually pay off in the end.

My second key point on how I will invest in my future is being dedicated to my work and studies. I have always been dedicated to my school work, sports and work throughout my entire high school career and I will continue that for my last year as a senior. I truly believe that my dedication to all of these components has led me to bigger and better things. Being that I care so much about getting good grades and doing all my school work has led my teachers, principals and coaches to have much more appreciation and respect for me. With investment in my future, dedication will be the key to earning respect from my college professors and possibly coaches. I truly believe that if you stay dedicated to something, that shows good character.

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My third key point on how I will invest in my future is keeping a positive attitude. Staying positive can be difficult at time, especially when things are not going your way but becoming negative about a situation will not help matters. In my future I know I am going to come face to face with decisions and many situations that I am not going to like but my plan is to just stay positive and hope for nothing but the best to come about from the situation. I will stay optimistic about my choices throughout my future and when it feels that something only has a negative side to it, I will explore and find ways to create positives sides to it as well. Keeping a positive attitude will help me get far in life and overcome many situations.

There is a broad spectrum of ways a person can invest things for their future. They could possibly just easy and simple or others may be difficult but the choice is their own. Though, I plan to have a very bright future where once I grow old I can look back and have no regrets for everything I had accomplish. I will invest hard work, dedication, and always keep a positive attitude with no matter what situation comes my way throughout my life.

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