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How can managers add value

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How managers can add value to the organization
Managers can add value to their organization in many different ways.

First, they can like other employees, add value by simply doing their job well. Managers are performing the leading and motivating function, and a lot more depends on their successful work than on the work performed by other employees. Disruptions in managerial functions are bound to disorganize the work of other members of the organization as managers are supposed to add coherence to the organization’s activities. Thus, efficient and coherent leadership is the most important way in which managers can contribute to the success of their company.

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To carry out this challenging task, managers need to present a consistent policy to the rank-and-file employees so that managerial decisions do not conflict with each other. In fact, a discrepancy in the guidelines established by different members of the managing team can be most detrimental to the progress of business, and thus is one thing managers should most definitely refrain from.

A person in a managerial position is certain to interact with other people including those who are their subordinates and can therefore be more easily influenced by managers. Consequently, a manager can promote the organization by influencing these people developing their understanding of business, skills and expertise, as well as supporting the ethical code of the organization.

Of course, the manager is not always able to improve the potential of the workforce drastically in one sweep, but they can strive and work to achieve this purpose by raising their requirements to employees’ level of knowledge, skills and expertise. Managers can influence employees by setting a positive example themselves. The preservation and realization of the moral and ethical norms in an organization is dependent in the first place on the styles and practices at the top.

Yet another way in which managers can make a contribution is choosing experienced, motivated personnel that can successfully achieve the goals set by the organization. The management usually makes staff decisions, and their correctness is of crucial importance for the benefit of the cause. The people are the primary value of any organization, and the ability to find able workforce and use it effectively for the benefit of the organization is the chief strength of any manager.

Managers also add value by pursuing the interests of the organization in the external environment, for example, by advertising, crafting the public relations policy, promoting the image of the organization to the public. Various promotional events and participation in the life of the community can be of help here. It is also important that managers put the interests of the organization they serve above their own pursuits. The temptation to use a position of power to capitalize on it for the achievement of one’s won enrichment or attainment of some other, for example, political goals. A manager needs to avoid that if he or she is determined to enhance the value of the organization.

Thus, managers as people who are holding in their hands the levers to the control of the organization can add value to it in a number of different ways. They can offer their subordinates a consistent, coherent and effective policy, contribute to the evolution and development of the workforce, make wise decisions on the recruitment of the personnel, further the interests of the organization in the external environment, and uphold ethical standards within the organization.

It is perhaps easier to say in which ways they cannot assist the organization: they cannot change the situation in the external environment, such as modify the external environment to a significant extent. The latter statement, however, is not absolute truth, since any organization influences its environment promoting new ways of competition, giving new ideas to the public, prompting new moves of regulating authorities. Therefore, the potential for managers to contribute to the development of their company is virtually unlimited and only restricted by their abilities and expertise.


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