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IMPORTANCE OF PARTNERSHIP When parents and practitioners work together it has a positive impact on children’s development and learning. This can be achieved through communication, learning together (e. g. actively involving fathers) and respecting diversity. Be sure to send a text to parent(s) during the day should their child say/do something cute or just to let them know that you’re both having fun together.

You could even send them a picture of the delicious pizza their child just created, for example. Parents then feel included and have peace of mind knowing that their child is happy and healthy. First impressions last and so carers, making you and your home warm and welcoming will immediately put parents at ease. Likewise, parents should also be neat and presentable when meeting a prospective childcarer. A two-way flow of information and knowledge between parents and carers ensure effective communication.

Having posters and pictures on display which reiterate the carer’s positive attitude towards social and cultural diversity as state in their Equal Opportunities policy will not only give parents a feel for the environment that their children will be in, but also help children and families to recognise that they are valued. Routines are very important for children as they like to know when certain things are going to happen i. e. mealtimes, sleep time, drop-off and collection etc. - they’re key to establishing a sense of stability and care for children and allowing them to master their environment.

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Wherever possible, all routines should fit in with parents’ wishes (i. e. attitudes re TV, food and sleeping) and should meet the child’s needs. i. e. incorporating child’s interests in nature by collecting leaves/flowers/sticks/stones on walks and perhaps creating a piece of art with them. Make sure routines are based on each individual child and their specific interests/needs. All children develop different stages at different time, but the general sequence of milestones is the same. This means you’ll need to constantly adapt some routines to accommodate the changing needs of children as they develop.

For example, as boys get older they really need a lot more physical activity to burn off the energy they have and so more ball games or longer outdoor activities may be required. Upon arrival in the mornings greet each child individually with a warm voice and smile. Mention or comment on something specific that they’re wearing or carrying. Throughout the day listen to them and don’t rush daily tasks. This will make them feel important and cared for. Sources: Riddall-Leech, S, Home-based Childcare pg 131, Essex, Heinemann EYFS 2008 2. 2 Parents as Partners, Communication

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