Hillside veterinarian clinic marketing plan

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Evaluation of the Plan

This plan has a well-developed topic, and all sections and subsections of a solid marketing plan have been completed. This marketing plan contains the appropriate measurement for the objectives the company is trying to achieve. The plan is consistent has a sense of cohesiveness throughout the sections.

The plan also follows PAP style formatting throughout the text body, headings, references, and tables. Overall the piece has a professional appearance with very few errors, and is logical. The plan refreshes the point and its strategic objectives.

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Evaluation Scale

  • What is the target market for this plan? -The target market for this plan is for new customers, and includes families within a 10 mile radius of Wellington with small animals.
  • What is the strategy Hillside Veterinary Clinic intends to use? -The strategy that Hillside Veterinary Clinic intends to use is target marketing. Hillside is using this strategy because their marketing mix is tailored to fit specific target customers.
  • What are your initial reactions to this strategy? -My initial reaction of this plan is that it has a clear and concise vision of what they want to achieve. The have clear goals and contain a excellent grasp of the four "AS", and how they are going to implement them.
  • Do you think the plan will be - I do think the plan will be successful. I think the plan will be successful because Hillsides target market is reasonable and suits their capabilities. They have clear goals and a well-planned strategy in order to achieve those goals. The company also has skilled operands that match with the operands. This company can rely on their quality of service along with their marketing plan. The two will work well, and can market organically.

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