Proposed Business Process for a Clinic

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Description of Proposed Solution

Based on my Interview, observation, questionnaire, and my personal experience of having a treatment In Clan EX., optimization of the current system is proposed. The proposed system will be moving the patients' data from paper base into computer base. As mentioned on the previous chapter, the biggest problem of the current business process in Dental Clinic EX. happened because they are still using paper based for patient data and the patient's membership is heavily depend in a human memory.

Therefore, by using computerized system will reduce the human errors that often occur in a business. Moreover, the computerized system will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the time used to find patient's data in the inventory, effort, and Inventory space to keep patients data. Furthermore, by implementing a good system and high technology, the clinic can Increase Its reputation and customers' satisfaction. The concept of the proposed system Is to keep all patients' data In a database and give a lifetime membership for the patients.

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If it is needed to have an X-ray to see the problem clearly, the nurse will help the patient in doing the Gray. When the treatment process is done, the doctor will update patient's data. Update in here means write patient medical history (treatment note), create a prescription, and create a bill for the customer.

The bill will be printed at the administrator's desk and in a double paper, the copy of the bill is for the patient, and the actual bill is for the Process 2 - Pay Bill After receive the bill, patient will do transaction with the administrator to pay the bill. The payment can be done by using credit card with VISA and Master Card logo, debit BCC, or by cash.

The DVD consists of three actors (doctor, administrator, and patient) and one process (update patient database). The process of creating a prescription is called update patient database because the prescription is saved in a bundle with patient data. Here are the details of DVD for create prescription: After the treatment, the doctor will use the application to create a prescription for the patient, and then print the prescription. The prescription will be printed on the administrator desk. After that, the administrator will give the prescription to the patient.

Systems Flowchart For Business Process with The Proposed System after using the proposed system. When the patient come to the clinic, the administrator will check whether the patient has the data in the database or not. If the patient does not have a data in a database, the administrator will ask him or her to get information to create a new data for that patient. For regular patient, his or her data will be loaded by the doctor n the treatment room (in the current system, patient data moves from administrator to nurse, and nurse will hand it over to the doctor).

The treatment process is still the same with the current system, but the process in updating patient data is different. In the current system, after the treatment, the doctor will update patient data (in paper), list all treatments and price the treatments, and then give the paper to the administrator. After that, the administrator will create a bill. If the patient needs a prescription, the doctor will write a prescription, and give the prescription to the administrator. In the new system, the doctor can create bill and prescription in the treatment room.

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