Hierarchy of Maslow

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Since the Company is mainly focused on marketing it is very important for the employees to be motivated in order to capture the market since attracting a customer is not an easy job especially in the case of generics. Motivation can make the employees get all the targets settled by the Organizations. In the case of ACTAVIS the managers should also make the most of the Maslow’s needs satisfaction theory which is the base of motivating an individual. In order to motivate the employees it is important for the company to understand the basic needs of the employees.

Just as the definition of basic human needs is a highly complex task, it naturally follows that there are no easy assumptions concerning what employees really want from the organization. In various surveys, the following are some of the more typically specified wants: Pay: This want helps in satisfying physiological, security, and egoistic needs. The design of a monetary compensation system is exceedingly complex since it serves to satisfy multiple needs and cannot alone motivate the whole person.

Security of job: Because of threats from technological change, this want is high on the list or priorities for many employees and labor unions. The underlying need of general security is also high on the list of priorities in the suggested need hierarchy of Maslow. Congenial associates. This want issues from the social need of gregariousness and acceptance. Management can aid the process by carefully planned and executed induction programs, provision of means to socialize through rest periods and recreational programs, and promoting the formation of work teams through proper work-station layouts and human-related work procedures.

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Credit for work done: This want issues from the egoistic classification of needs and can be supplied by management through verbal praise of excellent work, monetary rewards for suggestions, and public recognition through awards. Releases in employee’s newspapers, and the like. A meaningful job: This want issues from both the need for recognition and the drive toward self-realization and achievement. This is a very difficult want to supply, particularly in large organizations having minute division of work and mechanically paced assembly lines.

Some research into the possibilities of job enrichment has indicated the possibility of integrating the need of employees for significant work and the need of the organization productive, co-ordinate activity. Opportunity to advance: Not all employees want to advance. Some feel the social needs more strongly than the egoistic ones. However, most employees like to know that the opportunity is there, should they desire to use it. This feeling is influenced by a cultural tradition of freedom and opportunity.

Comfortable, safe, and attractive working condition: The want for good working conditions also rests upon multiple needs. Safe working conditions issue from the security need. The specific attributes, such as desks and rugs, constitute symbols of status denoting a hierarchy of importance. Much management has discovered that the allocation of such status symbols can be quite as difficult as the allocation of money. In today’s environment where the threat of violence is increasing safety is also an important factor which plays an important role in employee motivation.

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